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The Ryland Boys Chapter 40

Standing up, I held my other hand out and he took it, as he stood I held his hand tight, guiding him out the club and to the black limo.

We got in and as he shut the door, I moved his face to mine, kissing him in a long and passionate one.

He was breathing very fast and I felt his heart beat racing, “Jax, take it slow.” I said keeping a hand on his chest worried.

“I don’t want you having a heart attack on me.” I said laughing and watching him smile before pulling my face to his.

We made out the entire way to the hotel and when the Limo driver stopped and opened the door, we got out and headed inside and up to the room.

In the elevator, he lifted me up and pushed me up into the wall kissing me heavily.

It stopped on our floor and we got out going to the room and unlocking it.

Going inside, he shut the door and locked it.

Tossing my coat and bag on the dresser, I stepped back and smiled at him.

He walked over loosening his tie and pulling his jacket off tossing it to the floor.

He kicked off his shoes and I stepped out of my heels.

I walked to the bed and he filled the space between us pulling my lips back to his. It practically yanked the air from lungs.

Laughing I bit his bottom lip and he moved his lips down my jaw and over my neck.


I pushed his chest and he stared down at me worried, but I lifted my top tossing it aside and unbuttoning his shirt.

He kissed me delicately as I unbuttoned his shirt. He pulled back and took the shirt off tossing it aside.

I gripped the tie pulling him over me and kissing his lips. “Norah” He said with his heart beat rising, “Should we take a break?” I asked worried.

He shut his eyes and shook his head, he pulled back and placed a hand to my cheeks staring down at me “I love you.” He said softly before repeating it louder. “I love you, Norah.”

My heart was beating so fast and I’m almost sure it was as fast as his. “I love you Jax.” I replied kissing his lips.

Jax kisses my neck and stared at me, “You’ve got paint in your hair.” He said smiling.

I looked up at my hair on the bed, the bright green paint in it. I laughed and sat up staring over at his face, “She’s a lucky girl.” I said softly.

He kissed me gently, “But she’s not the one I’m in love with.” He said pulling back and staring into my eyes.

“Come.” I stood and walked to the bathroom.

Unbuttoning my pants, I pulled them off and stripped off my underwear.

Jax walked over and carefully unhooked my bra.

As he slowly stripped down, he left the tie and I smirked loosening it and pulling it over his head and dropping it to the floor.

Flipping on the shower, I stepped inside and avoiding my face bc the makeup dripping would be so unattractive.

Jax stepped in and shut the shower door behind him, I washed the paint from my hair and he scrubbed his body but began softly scrubbing my body off.

I melted to his touch.

Turning around, he ran the wash cloth down my neck and over my breast kissing my neck as he ran the cloth between my legs.

“Oh Jax.” I moaned holding him while my legs turned to jelly.

He lifted me up and I reached down gripping his boner “Slow and steady.” I said to him.

Jax stared down at me, “Always.” He said moving in carefully.

The next fifteen minutes were pure bliss, lots of moaning and gripping, he dropped his head into my neck “Norah, tell me now if you want it. If you want a child I’ll give it to you again. But this time, you keep me in your life forever.” He said pulling back and looking into my eyes.

He moved a little faster, he’s going to c*m.

“I want it.” I said so sure, there’s nothing I want more.

Maybe him, but I know this opportunity won’t come again.

Jax kissed my lips deeply before shaking a bit and groaning in my mouth before he breathed heavy and stared down at me.

He put me down and washed off before shutting the shower off and walking to the bed but I wasn’t done yet.

As he laid down, I moved over him straddling him and watching his eyes grow with passion and desire.

The next hour was full of different positions, lots of moaning and so many kisses.

Laying down beside him, his eyes ran over my face and he shook his head “I’m never letting you go.” He said softly.

I smiled “You me and Lindsay.” I laughed watching him laugh and pull me to his chest.

Shutting my eyes, he pulled the blanket over us and sighed, “Goodnight beautiful.” He kissed the top of my head.

“Goodnight handsome.” I said softly.

A knock came to the door and I lifted my head up off Jax’s chest feeling a slight bit drunk still.

Eyeing the clock I looked to Jax who was waking up.

It’s been two hours since we arrived so I guess we only slept for thirty minutes.

Getting up, I pulled on Jax’s button up and opened the door looking to Mason and Wayne who held coffee “You guys ready to head home?” Mason asked.

I took a cup of coffee and nodded “Thanks.” I said as Wayne pushed the door open and went inside.

“You know Id say you should’ve been there but something tells me you had a more memorable time.” Wayne said looking around the room at the scattered clothes.

I laughed and stared at Jax who smiled softly “Definitely. Kevin day anything?” He asked pointing to his boxers beside Mason.

Mase tossed them to him and he caught them pulling them on under the blanket before getting up and looking for his pants, “By the shower.” I said watching him nod and go into the bathroom.

“Shower s*x huh?” Mason asked smirking at me.

I rolled my eyes and picked up my shirt, “Where is everyone?” I asked as I headed into the bathroom.

I shut the door and pulled on my clothes, he strapped my bra on and I handed him his shirt getting a long kiss.

“They’re in the limo asleep.” Mason said.

We walked out the bathroom “As for Kevin, he said he wasn’t surprised. Also that his cousins an i***t for thinking shes got anything on Norah.” Mason added.

I stepped into my heels and Jax tucked his shirt in and pulled the tie over his head tightening it.

“I think everyone’s going to stay at our place. They’re all s**t faced.” Mason said yawning.

Jax nodded “Call mom and let her know.” He said pulling his shoes on.

Wayne grabbed the key to the room and took a coaster. “A coaster?” I asked laughing.

He smirked and handed it to Jax. “You’ll want something to remember this night by.” He said.

Jax took the coaster and smiled over at me “Don’t worry, I will.” He said walking out the door.

I gave the room a last look before Wayne gave me a weird look.

We headed out the door and left the key on the front desk going to the limo full of drunk and sleeping young guys.

I sat beside Jax and laid my head on his shoulder looking to Lake “You look happy.” I said to his grinning face.

He nodded “You too.” He said smirking.

I nodded and silently wished this night would never end.

Of course, it did.

We pulled up to the house and so got out watching Alison walk over and tell all the guys to go inside. “I called all your parents, you’re good.” She said laughing.

They all headed inside and she gestured to the living room where they piled up laying down and sleeping.

Lindsay headed down the stairs and stared at the guys “Jax, you guys have fun?” She asked going to him and kissing his lips.

My stomach turned and I gave Wayne a look watching him smirk, “Goodnight Norah.” He said.

“Goodnight Norah!” The guys from the living room called out laughing.

Alison took my hand and waved the limo off shutting and locking the door.

“Goodnight Jax.” Alison said and he nodded going upstairs with Lindsay.

Mason ruffled my hair and headed upstairs with Carter.

As the doors all closed, Alison softly whispered “Did you guys….?” She asked.

“For two hours.” One of the guys said making me laugh.

Alison laughed low “Good, let him remember what he’s missing out on.” She said quietly.

“A lot. She’s great Alison.” Wayne said sighing.

I smirked at him “Thanks for making sure I didn’t end up in a girls bed.” I told him.

He laughed and shook his head “I would’ve given a million bucks to watch that.” He sighed.

“Two million bucks.” Lake said holding a hand up as he laid on the floor.

“Three!” One of the others said.

“Seven!” Wayne added.

Alison took my hand and walked me to the kitchen, she poured two cups of coffee and then dumped mine when she watched my face. “You’re smiling. That smile. I know that.” She smiled softly.

“You want to try again?” She asked softly and pulled a water out instead handing it to me.

I nodded “I need it Alison. You don’t understand how much I want and need a child.” I said softly.

She smiled, “I hope you throw up tomorrow and realize you only want those delicious steak burritos for breakfast. Oh and that you glow.” She smirked.

Laughing I took a drink “Me too.” I said low.

Alison pulled me into a hug, “I should tell you before Mason does, I bet he’d stay with you. Thanks for making me an extra six grand.” She said laughing as she whispered it.

I laughed and rolled my eyes “Goodnight Alison.” I said watching her smirk.

Going out the kitchen, I headed down the hall but stopped when I noticed the wretched She devil by the stairs.

“Have fun?” She asked whispering.

I nodded, “Yeah, I got a lot of girls numbers.” I said approaching the feral creature.

She looked me over, “Did you f**k him?” She asked low.

I shook my head, “Nope. I did however explore my inner sexuality, and here’s the good news…I might be gay.” I said watching her eye me.

The slapping sound came first, followed by the stinging in my right cheek, “I don’t trust you. I don’t f*****g trust you.” She pointed her overly flared French manicured nail to me scowling.

“Woah, woah, what the hell was that for?” Wayne asked now standing outside the living room and looking at Lindsay furiously.

She scowled “Oh suck a d**k Weenie, this is between Norah the Home wrecker and me.” Lindsay said shoving his chest to move him away.

“I.” I said.

She looked at me confused “You what?”

“No, your sentence. This is between Norah the Home Wrecker and I. Not me.” I said watching her grow in anger.

She went to slap me again but Wayne grabbed her wrist and scowled at her, “She didn’t f**k Jax.” He said while she scoffed “Oh okay sure she didn’t sleep with one of you. She came home drunk and all stupid.” Lindsay said crossing her arms over her chest.

He stared at me and then Lindsay, “She didn’t f**k Jax Lindsay. She-she was with me.” He sighed.

She stared between us, “Oh, this is good. So let’s say I actually believed this. That still doesn’t explain the fact my fiancé turned me down and went straight to bed.” She said angry.

I shrugged “Maybe you’re just not his type Lindsay, you ever think about that?” I asked and this time, she slapped me.

Wayne pulled me behind him and scowled at Lindsay “Don’t touch her.” He said to her.

She laughed in disbelief, “What? Did you and Jax team tag her? Was it a nice threesome?” She asked shoving Wayne.

The kitchen door opened and Alison walked out staring at her tablet.

She stared at us and we acted normal while she said goodnight and headed upstairs.

As soon as her door shut, I stood beside Wayne and looked her over “You can’t treat people like they’re objects.” I said annoyed with her mistreating to people. Plus the fact she shoved Wayne really made me pissed.

Lindsay stood in front of me and scowled at me “Jax is mine. Mine!” She said shoving me hard and with all her damn might.

I fell back into the wall, the back of my head smacked into the stupid picture frame and I dropped to my a*s on the floor.

“Lindsay, you’re gonna give birth some time soon and I swear I’m going to beat the f**k out of you.” I said running my hand over the back of my head and flinching.

Wayne moves to my side looking at my head.

I stood up and walked to Lindsay gripping a handful of her hair and pulling it while she stared in horror.

Leaning into her face I whispered “After I’m done beating you, I’ll tie you up and put you in a chair and let you watch me f**k him.” I said staring between her eyes.

She was breathing heavy.

I let go and looked to Wayne, “Mind helping me with this?” I asked gesturing to my head.

He followed me upstairs while glaring at Lindsay.

Locking the door behind us, I walked him to the bathroom “I heard she hated you but that’s just not acceptable.” He said as he grabbed the first aid kit and a wash cloth.

I scoffed, “I don’t mind. I f****d her fiancé twice, got Cory to flake on her all week because he’s spending time with his new girl and I beat her a*s more times than I can’t count.” I said sitting on the tub while he washed the cloth and grabbed some tweezers.

“She used to beat him.” Wayne said as he eyed my bleeding skull.

I pondered the idea, it’s not that surprising. “He’d just take it?” I asked.

Wayne nodded “All he knows is her, she was his world. For years he gave her excuses and forgave her every time she f****d up. She told him not to fight because he should just be something useful like a lawyer or doctor.” He scoffed “He makes more than they do and she still gives him shit.”

I frowned and then hissed as the glass was pulled out, “So she hates you huh?” I asked laughing.

He nodded “I call her out on her s**t. She doesn’t like when people do that.” He said laughing.

I know all about that.

“So what’s this secret you have?” Wayne asked looking to the sink as he rinsed the tweezers off and went digging for more glass.

When I stayed quiet he nodded “I uh I once saved a liquor store from being robbed.” He said rinsing the tweezers again.

I stared at his reflection in the mirror “How?” I asked watching him move my head carefully down, “He had the man at gunpoint. I tackled him and hit him over the head with the can of tomato soup. I actually kept hitting him and he was unconscious.”

Damn. Beat him with a can of tomato soup?

“Only he wasn’t just unconscious, he was dead.” Wayne said rinsing the tweezers and flashing a light over my head.

He killed someone too?

The silence grew and then I sighed “I got drunk at a party, came home and forgot to lock the door. I was excited because my mom was coming home after being gone so long. Well a man broke in and found me, raped me and tried to kill me but I bashed his brains out with my first place runnathon trophy. Proudest trophy too.” I looked up at his reflection and he stared down at me for a while.

“Yeah it’s uh, not a happy secret or sexy secret. It’s a dark one.” I said turning and staring at him.

He stared at my face “You’ve been through a lot. It’s no wonder you’re such a badass.” Wayne smirked and I laughed.

Wayne placed a gauze to my head “I have a friend who owns a race track, would you go with me this week?” He asked eyeing me.

“Yeah, it’s not a date right?” I asked laughing.

He smirked and shook his head, “Jax is like a brother to me. You’re his lady, which means you’re safe with me and I’m not ever flirting with you.” He laughed.


I smiled and stood “Thank you Wayne.” I said watching him clean up.

Walking him out my room, he turned around “Oh I texted you at the club. Got it from mason but just know when someone texts you this week asking if you’re free, it’s me.” He said smiling.

I smirked “Thank god you told me because otherwise I’d have lied and said I was busy.” I replied.

He laughed and headed down the hall, “Lock the door so crazy doesn’t kill you in your sleep.” He whispered.

I shut the door locking it and going to my closet thinking about that hotel room and the secrets within it.

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