The Woman Men Adore – Do You Understand Your Man?

The Woman Men Adore by Bob Grant is a relationship guide that presents the tools and techniques women can use to improve the relationship they are already in or attract pretty much any man they want.

In this 11 chapter, 115 page book, topics such as ‘What Men Really Want’ and the ‘Secrets of a Great Relationship’ are covered. My overall impression of the book is that it enables women to understand how men think and why they think the way they do.

Once women have been empowered with the knowledge of what makes men really tick, it is then up to them to use the innate skills they were born with to improve their relationship.

This makes sense to me because as women we clearly see things from a different viewpoint. If we were privy to a guy’s innermost thoughts on relationships, it should be fairly easy to get him to adore us and never want to leave.

In my opinion this books stands out from the many and varied literary attempts out there giving advice on how to win and keep your man. I enjoyed this book because it really shows you how you can have a healthy and loving relationship without having to shape yourself into someone else just to keep the guy interested in you.

The real secret revealed is that men want to be lured, possessed and seduced by a woman. If you can make a man feel good about himself he will gladly surrender to you.

One of our main problems as women, I think, is that we look for relationship advice in all the wrong places. We ask our girlfriends, who have just as many problems as us, or we flip through magazine articles written by women hoping for that one piece of advice that will magically transform our relationship. Problem is, most of this advice steers us in the wrong direction.

With Bob Grant’s, “The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave”, you are receiving advice from someone who really understands men and the way they think. Mr. Grant has been a successful Licensed Professional Relationship Counselor and coach for over 16 years.

Wouldn’t you rather get relationship advice from someone who is a relationship expert? I know I would!

What I read on page 110 of The Woman Men Adore was worth the price of the book. Bob Grant reveals 3 sentences you can say to your man that will virtually cast a spell over him and have him looking for ways to please you!

Source by Maureen Oliver

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