There would have been war if Leah Sharibu’s a Muslim — Cleric


There would have been war if Leah Sharibu’s a Muslim — Cleric
Leah Sharibu

By Chris Ochayi

Christian body, Ecclesiastical Justice Forum, EJF, has lamented that President Muhammadu Buhari abandoned the kidnapped Dapchi school girl, Leah Sharibu, in the hands of Boko Haram terrorists because she is a Christian.

Coordinator of EJF, Rev. Ayuba  Kantiok, who made the remarks in a statement issued in Abuja, said, Nigeria would have been plunged into war if Leah Sharibu were to be a Muslim girl.

According to EJF: “Today Leah Sharibu has been left in the hands of terrorists because she is a Christian. Today the government is saying nothing about her.

“The Buhari Regime and the Yobe State government which have interacted with the terrorists and secured the release of the Muslim girls continue to insult our sensitivity and dignity by doing nothing to secure the release of Leah.

“Her colleagues were brought back in pomp and pageantry, hundreds of kidnapped school boys in Kankara Katsina State were brought back safely, the girls from Kagara Niger State were brought back within days, the Zamfara State girls have also been released without hurt and the Muslim girl who was arrested in Saudi Arabia over a drug-related offence was released after herculean effort by the Nigerian government.

“The release of the aforementioned who are all Muslims cost Nigeria a huge amount of resources, and yet nothing is worth sacrificing to rescue Leah under the pretext that the terrorists refused because she refused to convert to Islam.

“But looking closely at the recent happenings, especially concerning the effort of the Buhari and some Northern Muslim governors in securing the release of kidnapped Muslims, it shows that it is not the terrorists that are not willing to release Leah, but the Federal Government and the Yobe State Government who are not willing to secure her release.

“The story of the captivity of Leah in the hand of Islamic terrorists, the Gaidam and the Federal Government represents a story of a failed and hopeless country.”

“For a very long time we did not hear about Leah. To our consternation an archaic story was released that Leah was married to a terrorists Commander and was nursing a baby. Despite the ugly nature of this story, the Buhari Regime did not say anything.

“The National Assembly did nothing about Leah. Interestingly Ahmed Lawal, the present Senate President and Senator Ibrahim Gaidam are from Yobe State where Leah was abducted. Gaidam was the Governor when this small Christian girl was kidnapped at Dapchi.

“Gaidam and Ahmed Lawal were key members that negotiated the released of the Muslims girls leaving Leah in the den of the terrorists. These Senators are very useful in the Dapchi abduction Saga. Gaidam particularly was the governor, the Chief Security Officer of Yobe State.

“Leah then a fourteen (14) years girl was an innocent Christian child who was just a student in Dapchi Yobe State under the protection of Gaidam, if Gaidam in conjunction with Buhari could returned the Muslims girls, they have no excuse whatsoever not to rescue Leah.

“Nigerians and especially Christians should arise and ask the Buhari Regime, Gaidam, Ahmed Lawal and the government of Yobe State valid question: “Where is Leah Sharibu?”

“The way Buhari and the Yobe State government have handle the issue of Leah, if it were Christian Leaders that behaves in that manner, there would have been a religious war in Northern Nigeria.

“Today the Nigerian Christian under the regime of Muhammadu Buhari is facing the worse model of injustice, one of the worse in the 21st Century.

“The Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari regime since 2015 till date have being waging both overt and covert war against the Christians in Nigeria. You must be a Muslim in order to be employed to work in the government, you must be a Muslim to be given a reasonable appointment, and you must be a Muslim for the government to secure your release if kidnapped by terrorists as is currently going on in Northern Nigeria.

“Today Christians have being completely eliminated from all the Federal Security Organization in Nigeria.”

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