These 5 things that ruin new relationships

After shouting “God when” on all social media, God finally hears you and finds you a partner, but your bad temper will quickly become a plague in your relationship.

Here are 5 things that ruin new relationships:

Complaining and bitching constantly

Everyone wants to have peace of mind and be with someone who will bring them peace, but if you constantly find fault, there’s no way the relationship will work.


Me me me. Always focusing on yourself, what you want and what works for you, is a quick way to see the relationship crumble and burn. Make sacrifices to see your partner happy.

If you love him, show him as much as he shows you. Your partner will feel unloved if they always go above and beyond for you and you can’t reciprocate. If this continues, he will feel used and want to end the relationship.

Maintaining old relationships and attracting the attention of other people

Leave your past in the past, stop trying to get many people’s attention. If you’ve found the person you want to be with, stop talking to other people and focus on them. Stop saying “my ex and I are still friends”, break up with them and focus on your new relationship.

Anger issues

Nobody wants to be with a brand, with every little disagreement, you shout and act. As I said earlier, everyone wants peace and this is not the case.

Poor communication skills

Speaking and listening are skills you need to master. Sure, you can hear them, but do you understand what they’re saying? Communicating effectively and acting on what you hear is important. Otherwise, the arguments will be recurrent.

Relationships should be a peaceful place where you can be at peace and feel safe, not a constant battleground.

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