These are the most dangerous jobs

If you don’t like risks at all, you should avoid these five jobs. The industrial accidents are not out of the air.

Meet the most neck-breaking jobs in your country

1. Construction worker

The building is known to be the most dangerous jobs sector. And indeed, most accidents occur there every year, especially in structural work. That is also not surprising: construction is often done at height, the site is not the same every day, so you have to be constantly alert, and heavy equipment is used. According to the most recent figures (2017), carcass work accounted for no less than 8.1% of industrial accidents.

2. Cleaner

Domestic helpers and cleaners may not seem to have such a tough job, but make no mistake! With 6.2% of all industrial accidents, the cleaners are in second place. From slipping on mopped floors, from falling downstairs, coming into contact with corrosive chemical cleaners to being injured by floor polishing machines: the work floor comes with quite a few obstacles. Slipping, no matter how funny it looks, is a common cause of an industrial accident, and for the person who falls, it is often anything but funny.

3. Worker transport and storage

The logistics offer many opportunities to make lumps. Consider the many moving machines in warehouses, such as forklifts and pallet trucks, with which many collisions happen. Other machines such as conveyor belts can also cause nasty accidents (falls, traps, etc.). The fact that heavy material is lifted and moved and work are carried out at heights do not help either.

Meet the most neck-breaking jobs in your country

4. Seller in a store

Would you like to work quietly at the bakery? Beware: the risk of an industrial accident is also high in a store. Just like in cleaning, shopkeepers have to deal with mopped floors and rickety stairs. In addition, sellers and retailers also have to deal with robbers or violent customers. Or how about accidents with cutting machines and knives, also at the bakery on the corner!

5. Truck or bus driver

Not the most accidents, but the most fatal accidents occur among truck and bus drivers. No fewer than 20% of the fatal accidents at work in 2017 related to this profession. For comparison: 14% of the fatalities worked in the carcass. Truckers tend to miss out on loading and unloading.

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