They asked Daniel Radcliffe about the viral slap at the Oscars and the opinion he (did not) have was the most correct

The actor said it all, without saying anything at all

Sometimes, we can say everything without saying anything. This is exactly what happened in his case Daniel Radcliffewhen asked about Will Smith’s viral slap on Chris Rock.

At a time when everyone has their say and either condemns the actor – or Hollywood itself, like Jim Carrey

– either they support him because he defended his wife, Dan was brave enough to say he had no opinion. Appeared on the show Good Morning Britain to promote his new film, The Lost City, and reporters asked him about the incident at the Oscars. His answer?

“I saw it. “I’m already tragically tired of hearing others’ opinions on this, which I just do not want to add.”

He was then asked if he had experienced moments of embarrassment at award ceremonies. “Probably yes… When you go to such things as a child, you do not know they laugh with you or if you are the laughing stock“, explained.

“You’re just thinking”I will continue to smile and laugh and, if all goes well, it will all end soon. ““, He added.

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