They broke into Beckam’s mansion – Victoria, David and their 10-year-old daughter were inside

According to reports, the rather risky burglary took place at the end of February without the case being known while at the time of the robbery both David and Victoria Beckham and their 10-year-old daughter Harper were inside the house.

The Beckham family fell victim to a robbery when strangers broke into their mansion in Kensington, London. The robbery took place at the end of February without the case being known until today, while at the time of the burglary, almost the whole family was inside the house.

Somehow, at the moment the robbers broke into the place, the couple and their daughter were in one of the bedrooms upstairs without realizing what was happening inside their house. Until at least the moment 17-year-old Cruz Beckham entered the mansion worth 40 million pounds. He was returning from a night out and found a broken window in a hostel of the house and the room mixed up.

The family allegedly searched for the burglar, who of course had disappeared. Half an hour after midnight, police arrived at the house and reported that several items worth thousands of pounds, such as clothes and electrical items, had been stolen. The burglary is estimated to have taken place between 20:30 and 23:30 on the night of 28 February and no arrests have been made.

The burglar must have known his job well after climbing first to the gate and then to a pipe, before breaking a window in one of the six bedrooms of the house. The Beckhams reportedly were so upset by the incident that they asked for a reassessment of the security of the mansion while the investigations are continuing normally.

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