This is how you prepare your resume for the future

Can you still show up with a simple A4 with your work experience on it? Should we not massively make films, devise special layouts and create interactive CVs? No worries: this is how you make your CV future-proof.

First of all, a reassurance: the classic CV that gives a well-arranged summary of your personal details and works experience on two pages is not yet an old paper. It has simply become one of the options that you choose depending on the type of job and the company you are applying to.

The lists of the trendiest CV trends for you.

1. Software friendly

Recruitment companies are increasingly using software to make the first selection in the mountain of resumes they receive. A computer scans your document for specific keywords. If they are not listed, you end up next to the pile without anyone ever look ing at your resume! It is therefore important to include keywords (and their synonyms) from the vacancy text in your letter and CV. The simple resume is the easiest to read for this type of software, so don’t throw it in the trash.

2. The eye wants something too

Design can do a lot to make your CV stand out. Especially in creative jobs, it is obvious that you come up with a special CV, in which you exhibit your skills. But you can also distinguish yourself in other jobs with a nice CV. That doesn’t have to be difficult: there are many templates on the internet that you can fill in to make your resume hip. In addition, you can go even further and choose a resume on a T-shirt, cake or billboard, but only if it fits the job. Otherwise, it can work to your disadvantage.

3. Job application video

Movies in which you introduce yourself are becoming increasingly popular. However, a film resume will not immediately become commonplace. After all, not everyone is at his or her best for the camera. Some people are better able to express themselves on paper or fall into nerves when they come on screen.

This is how you prepare your resume for the future

Moreover, putting together such a video is quite time-consuming. So go for a movie only if you are explicitly asked to do so, or if you are really in your element for the camera!

4. Online CV

Finally, the interactive resume is a fun and very future-proof option. You also create a web page (which you properly protect) with your data. The basic layout may be simple, while you hide additional information behind buttons or pop-ups.

You can also post your publications, references and a video clip here if you want. You can even store your diplomas and other documents here. You can make an interactive CV as creative as you want. Hire someone to make it for you, or use one of the many free tools on the internet.

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