This is how you start a new career as a nurse

Are you ready for a brand new challenge? Then a career as a nurse might be something for you. Aid measures must facilitate the transfer from another profession.

Why study nursing?

Suppose you have a job, but you dream of writing a new chapter as a nurse. Then you have to follow a course because you need a specific higher diploma to start the job. Why would you make that effort? We list some good reasons:

  • You give your brain oxygen again with new input during your training.
  • There is work: nurse is a fixed value in the top 10 of the bottleneck professions.
  • You have many options because nurses can go in different directions.
  • You do a job with social added value with which you can really make a difference.
  • You can take relevant seniority with you in consultation with your new employer.
  • Your life experience has a lot of value in your new job.

From a different sector

If you want to transfer from any job to a job as a nurse, you can follow the course via the Medical Academy. No prior medical knowledge is required, but a secondary education diploma and the successful completion of some tests are.

This is how you start a new career as a nurse

In the first year, you study, and you can continue to work part-time. If you succeeded in your first year, you already have a certificate from a health care professional in your pocket. You can use this to get started in healthcare so that you gain relevant work experience and have an income. In the meantime, you do the following years of training. All the while you can rely on a coach who will guide you on your study and work path.

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From a different care job

Are you already working in healthcare, and do you want to study nursing? Then a big Project is for you. This way you can study for a graduate or bachelor’s degree in nursing without wage loss. You just follow daytime education and therefore do not work during the academic year, but you go to class. You will also retain your vacation days and seniority. A condition for staying in the program is that you succeed in your module or year.

As a job seeker

As a job seeker with or without a higher education diploma, you can also study for a nurse via an Institutes for nursing. You keep your benefit during your studies, and the registration fee is also reimbursed.

Worth the effort

Every week I receive about ten emails from people who work in all kinds of sectors and who want to retrain to a job in healthcare but their motives are diverse: “I really want a more meaningful job,” “I always wanted to be a nurse, but I wasn’t allowed by my parents,” “I saw what a nurse can mean when someone from my family was sick and wants to like now to do that yourself”. And every time they wonder how they get started realistically and feasibly. Given the great need for nurses, people who consciously opt for a second career as a nurse are very welcome in the sector.

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