“This is very distasteful and disrespectful” – Comedian, Woli Arole replies fan who thrashed his content


Nigerian comedian, Woli Arole has taken to social media to rant about the struggles and frustration of being a content creator, while responding to a fan who criticised his comedy videos.

 Woli Arole replies

It all started when he shared his pre-wedding photos on Instagram, and a fan identified as Oppyjoseph took to the comment section to congratulate him on his engagement and also bash his contents. According to the fan, Woli Arole does not dish out good contents anymore.

Oppyjoseph wrote, “Congrats big man but it must be said that you don’t have good content videos anymore so bye.

The remark didn’t go down well with the entertainer as he expressed his displeasure at the fan for being insensitive. He also advised the fan to adopt constructive criticism, rather than disrespecting people’s hard work.

Reacting to the fan’s comment, Woli Arole wrote, “@Oppyjoseph Mr Joseph so you could have sent me this as a private message. Comment like, guy work on your content, we need to feel you more. coming here to congratulate and also talk about my content not good anymore is quite disrespectful. there are better ways to use our tongue, our mouth and our brain. So learn that next time. Greet if you want to and keep mute if you want to or criticize sensibly if you want to.”

He went further to share a screenshot of their exchange on his Instagram page and enlighten people who condemn content creators on social media, without considering the fact that they are also humans with feelings.

He captioned the post,

I rarely don’t do this, but I NEED to post this. I must say creating content is a lot, no one is an island. So for someone to say “you don’t have good content” in my comment session is very DISTASTEFUL and DISRESPECTFUL. You could send me a DM, Call my business line, try to reach me or even PRAY for me. @oppyjoseph that was very DISRESPECTFUL.

Do you know what content creator go through, we are also humans ourselves and our team. Ask @brobouche he was nearly murdered in Nigeria because he wanted to create content ask @toyin_abraham she was nearly killed bcos of making movies.

So please this is to FANS and FRIENDS don’t use words to pull us down when it seem like you weren’t feeling us at a time. A lot have personal and life issues they can’t share .I was hospitalized with drips some days. Ask @mrmacaroni1 these dudes will tell you what they go through. So to all the filmmakers and content creators out there, GOD will STRENGTHEN YOU. To people like @oppyjoseph Please learn to use your brain and mouth wisely. God bless.

See his post below,

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