TikTok concerned about Facebook sabotage campaign

The social network TikTok was the subject of a sabotage campaign led by the American giant Metaparent company of Facebook

. According to information from washington post and relayed by The Hollywood Reporterthe latter paid the company Targeted Victorya marketing company, to carry out a campaign that included publishing editorials in several US media to increase anti-TikTok sentiment among the public, especially when it comes to the use of the application by minors.

Force the authorities to take action against the Chinese application

Always according to washington post, Targeted Victory collaborated with several US agents to promote sabotage of the app regarding the alleged harmful trends on TikTok on children. This, in order to get the authorities to take action against the Chinese application. Also, the action of Targeted Victory was intended to deflect government actions regarding privacy and antitrust policies against Meta. Following this information, TikTok expressed its deep concern yesterday Wednesday March 30, 2021.

“We are deeply concerned that feeding local media reports of alleged trends that were not found on the platform could cause real-world harm” told Hilary McQuaideapp spokesperson TikTok. Note that the latter has several times made the front page of the American press for the various challenges presented by its users. The authorities had expressed, more than a week ago, their concerns about a challenge called “Orbeez” which causes teenagers to injure bystanders following the use of toy guns.

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