Tina Glamor’s daughter flies to the aid of her mother and threatens Lolo beauty-Video

Tina Glamor and Lolo beauty have embarked on a new media dispute for several days. In their exchanges, Lolo beauty did not go with dead hands. Following the insulting remarks uttered by her, Tina Glamor’s daughter stole her mother’s help and forbade Lolo Beauté to insult her again.

It is definitely not the great love between Lolo Beauté and the singer Spenja. The mother of the late Dj Arafat and the younger sister of Makosso clash again in a rather derogatory exchange of remarks. The last video of Lolo Beauté was not to the liking of several Internet users and Ivorian showbiz actors.

Mom Tina’s only current child, Emma Houon, did not fail to react to the spades sent to her mother. In a video appearance, she reframed Lolo beauty by formally prohibiting him from attacking his parent again.

Far from me the idea of ​​wanting to seek the buzz… First of all, said the elder sister of the late Dj Arafat. ” Whatever the differences between Lolo Beauté and my mother » she continues “I cannot allow Lolo Beauté to disrespect my family members, my grandmother and my mother. We are currently in mourning. My little sister was buried, not yet a month ago


She added under a more embarrassed look” We are of the same generation, if you reproach my mother for things, I prefer that you blame me… Enough is enough, Lolo goes beyond the limits… Lolo dares to affirm that my mother was not well educated. Do you know what is called educating a child? Are your videos, full of insults, educational?

For having questioned the education of Tina Glamor, Emma Houon, was not tender in her response to Lolo Beauté. ” Makosso and Lolo Beauté, you say you want to redo my mother’s education. I’m sorry, when it comes to education, you are not examples. You who annoy everyone by your actions. You are in no position to make such a statement. Well-educated people cannot hold the language you hold against a mother, a wife, a bereaved family. she launched.

You can listen to his full remarks in the video below.

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