Tips for your resume

Are you ready to apply? Then definitely put the time in your resume. Recruiters use your resume for the first screening, and they only take a few seconds for that.

With this step-by-step plan, you ensure that your resume makes an impression.


Always tailor your CV to the vacancy you are applying for. Always! Use words from the vacancy text, highlight relevant work experience and state the title of your bachelor or master thesis, if it matters. Also view the company’s website to get an idea of the tone that the organization uses, and adjust your resume accordingly.
Tip: Looking for a specific coat rack for your curriculum vitae?

Personal details

At the top of your resume, you write your name. State below or in a sidebar your most important personal data: address, contact details, date of birth and your LinkedIn profile. The latter is now becoming increasingly important: therefore make sure that your LinkedIn is up-to-date and fits in well with your CV.


Recruiters like to read a short outline of your personality, your goals and what you think you can offer your employer. This is possible, for example, in 3 sentences at the top. Opinions are rather divided on photos. If you would like to add a photo, choose a quality image where you stand up professionally, cared for and in a friendly way.

Training and work experience

Do you not have much work experience yet? Then you can highlight interesting subjects during your study program, or note down your courses and additional training courses. With your work experience, you always tell briefly what your duties were. Focus on your concrete performance: the targets that you amply achieved, compliments from customers or of course the appointment as Employee of the Month!

Tips for your resume

Skills and interests

Recruiters are also interested in what you can do. Make sure you take a cup of ‘Skills’ with you, and include your language knowledge, driver’s license, computer skills, and other skills below. In option: relevant hobbies or interests. Note only those who really add something, such as years of dedication as a scout or chorale leader.


References can really make the difference. Request permission from those references in advance, so that they are prepared for a phone call. You can also stick to a simple ‘available on request’.


If you are satisfied with the content of your CV, don’t forget the design. Make sure your resume looks clean: choose a sans serif font such as Arial or Calibri and create enough whitespace. Make everything clear and uncluttered with bullets. Depending on the job you are looking for, you can keep the design simple or get creative. Double check your resume for spelling mistakes or have someone else do this for you. Finally, you may have to delete, so that your CV does not exceed 2 A4s. Keep it short but powerful.

Tip: Writing a good CV really means a bit more than enumerating your work experience.

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