Tips to Save My Lesbian Relationship


Managing a lesbian relationship can sometimes be complicated. In reality all relationships can be complex but same gender relationships can be especially hard. If each individual isn’t 100% comfortable with their sexual orientation there is, in truth, no way that they can put the effort forth that’s involved for a completely successful relationship.

Nevertheless, if the two partners are completely open about their sexuality, then saving a Lesbian Relationship is really not much different than saving any type of relationship.

The 1st thing you need to genuinely think about is what was the attraction force in the first place? Was it a love of similar activities? A true friendship? Or just that “sparkle” that erupted when you first saw each other?

Regardless of what started your relationship, finding it and going back to the origin is a sound way of preserving your lesbian relationship.

Things tend to slow as time goes by, and we all tend to vary in our attitude towards our partners. What was it that your partner found special in you in the start up of your relationship? Is it something you still share?

One of the big problems many women have in any type of relationship is that they lose their independence. This can be especially troublesome in a gay woman relationship. If two women are wholly independent and one or the other turns needy, it can cause the other to feel suppressed.

Attraction is the key…as long as a mate is drawn to the other partner they will overlook a lot of different things. But, if the attractor is gone, it’s difficult to accept relationship problems.

Return to the individual you were in the beginning. It’s unacceptable to change another person so they only thing you can do is change yourself. And in just about all cases, it will be a simple change….back to the person you were at the outset of the relationship.

This can’t be done right away. Most ex’s are baffled on whether breaking off the relationship is the proper thing to do. You need to allow them time to actually miss you. This won’t happen by constantly calling, texting and emailing. And it won’t happen by begging or promises to change.

Give them distance and let them recall the good things that you had together. After some time has passed, maybe a week or so, just give your ex a call and concentrate on the friendship, nothing else. See how they’re doing. Hold the call short and hang up without calling for anything in exchange.

Don’t try to make them jealous or come up with causes to call. A few days later, send an email or a fun text. In Essence you are wooing your partner back to you.

If you take things slow and focus on what got you together in the first place, you should have no trouble saving your lesbian relationship. In fact, it can be better than it ever was!

Source by Cheryl Pierce

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