Tom Hanks went to the wedding uninvited again, but now he did not even give his wish

He went, was photographed and left, so just wonderful

In October, the Tom Hanks went uninvited to a wedding. He did not give a gift to the couple – he only gave a few tips. Now, in Pittsburgh, the actor not only appeared uninvited, but was photographed with the bride and bridesmaids and left. Without advice, without even giving his wish.

Photographer Rachel Rowland, who took over the ceremony, told Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette that all of them “started shouting and we were shocked by the meeting”.

“We lost them,” he continued. “The bridesmaids got out of the limousine and posed in the photos, gave congratulations and, the sooner he arrived, the sooner he was gone. It was so sweet and funny! “

“You are beautiful. I’m so happy for you “, whispered in the ear of the bride, who was thinking of scenes from Toy Story – yes, while he was whispering to her.

Instagram @rachelrowland

In the fall, he walked carefree on the beach, saw that a wedding was taking place, passed by to say hello and congratulate the couple.

THE December and the Tashia Farries they did not expect to see him in front of them. “We were living in the moment so much that we were shocked when he approached us and it took us a while to recognize him. “It was the icing on the cake,” the former told TODAY.

So maybe this is his hobby.

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