Top Chef: battered woman, this former juror returns to the violence she suffered

Fans of “Top Chef” have probably not forgotten Ghislaine Arabian. From 2010 to 2014, this chef who obtained two stars in the Michelin Guide in 1995 for her Parisian restaurant Pavillon Ledoyen was part of the jury for the television program “Top Chef” broadcast on M6.

In April 2016, the chef of Belgian origin confided in “Sept à Huit” and revealed that she had been the victim of domestic violence on the part of her last companion. ” He slapped me hard. I fell, he grabbed me by the hair and he started kicking me in the left leg, on the thigh. I met his eyes, which I had known for sixteen years, I had never seen that look. It was a look that was both mad and determined. I felt he would have silenced me by any means. I was scared, I was so scared

“, she testified.

In the program “Chez Jordan” for the Télé Loisirs site, this specialist in Flemish and French cuisine confided that she needed two and a half months to physically recover from the blows of her executioner. Even today, the 73-year-old chef, mother of two, said she did not understand the reasons for this outpouring of anger: ” He was someone who had never raised a hand or a voice or anything. He freaked out. Was it because of his job? I don’t know, I don’t know“, she explained. In the aftermath, Ghislaine Arabian indicated that she never saw the person who inflicted these blows on her: “ I never looked for him, only my lawyer knows where he is. I don’t even ask him“, she related.

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