Twitter: Here’s how to convert your personal account into a professional account

Introduced on Twitter in September 2021 and initially reserved for businesses domiciled in the USA, professional profiles provide access to new options (About page, product catalog, newsletter, etc.). Good news for users, the social network is now opening access to professional accounts to everyone.

Access professional account features

Twitter allows you to transform your classic profile into a professional account. At the moment, Twitter mainly facilitates the sponsoring of tweets (Quick Promote). Other features are not yet deployed.

Switching from your personal profile to a professional account is done from your account settings. The social network asks you to respect certain rules:

  • You must not have had repeated violations of Twitter’s TOS.
  • Your profile must be complete (account name, biography and profile photo).
  • Your real identity must be clearly announced on your profile.

Twitter clarifies that profiles of animals or fictional characters are not eligible for the professional account unless they are directly affiliated with a brand or an organization. Similarly, fan or parody accounts are refused, underlines Le Blog du Modérateur.

Convert your personal account to a business account

To convert your Twitter account to a professional profile, go to your settings.

  • From the app, click on your profile picture to display the sidebar. Access the option Twitter for professionals. Define your category and select your account type: Business for brands, stores, service providers and organizations or Creator for public figures, artists and influencers.
  • From your web browser, on the sidebar on the left, click on More then Twitter for professionals. Choose a category and the type of account you want to set up.

The return to the personal account can be done from the professional account. Meeting on Personalize your profile and click on Edit professional profile. You can then switch to a personal account or to an account Creator Where Business.

🌎 Now globally available for everyone, Professional Accounts are a new tool on Twitter that allows you to have a unique and clearly defined presence on the platform.

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