Under Hope Uzodimma Govt, Imo State Is Coming To Live Again After Many Years Of Affliction And Decayed Infrastructure


Under Hope Uzodimma Govt, Imo State Is Coming To Live Again After Many Years Of Affliction And Decayed Infrastructure

was the legendry Abraham Lincoln that once said “It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong”.

No doubt ,tough circumstances brings out the best and ingenuity in determined and focus people, it is in this regard amidst difficulties and controversies Gov Hope Uzodimma has emerged unshaken in entrenching goal and result towards get things right. following his conviction to take a radical approach to addressing headlong issues of non payment of salaries for which the opposition has hold onto to blackmail his government,an uncommon move that has left imolites overwhelmed. No doubt Gov Hope Uzodimma’s calmness and calculated approach to issues in the recent time has assuage anger and lifted up the soul of imo people who had long desired a change in the old order.

In a special live interactive radio program held on IBC recently to commorate the one year anniversary of the shared prosperity Government,Gov Hope Uzodimma made it known that the old order of inpunity is gone and a new order of accountablity and reward for labour is in place to entrench sanity in governance and more so boost the confidence of the people to take the government by it’s words .

The bitter truth is that imo is gradually coming to live again after many years of affliction, decayed infrastrutures , padded payroll system , executive rescality and land grabbing.

The shares prosperity government introduction of (ISSWN) Imo state social welfare number as a way to tackle and nip in the bud incessant complaints on none payment of salaries is one policy trust anybody who desired good for the state wouldnt hesitate to applaud, over the time before Gov Uzodimma came on board , it has always been a new normal for certain individuals to device various means to defraud the state through padded payroll system ridled with none existant workers, as such, benefitiaries of such fraud wouldn’t stop at nothing to embarrass the government having been weeded off through the policies in place which has made it difficulty for payroll fraudsters to continue to milk the state hence the protests witnessed at one point in time.
According GOV HOPE UZODINMA, the delay in salaries anyways ,is as a result of the vetting process instituted in the imo state civil service to ascertain those who are genuine workers and ghosts so as block further lickage of the scarce resources of the state.

Survey carried out has it that so many unpatriotic elements receives salaries in more than two places , while some persons having issues of salary had errors in their bio data,bvn and account numbers respectively.

The pictures below shows a graphical illustrations of the repeated revelations uncovered by the shared prosperity Government,

These and many other interventions are no doubt testaments of fact that sanity has been entrench in the imo state civil service.

Those of them blackmailing the government are either benefitiaries of the payroll fraud nor those who wish to see imo grounded economic wise .
Imo is no longer a state where monkey de work babom de chop,
Gov Hope Uzodimma has shown that time and chance happens to everything done by man, imo people can not but pray that imo remain a postcard for excellence other than siding with enemies of the state.

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