Unlikely Mates Chapter 10


I must have lost my damn mind, or my h0rm0nes are officially doing all my thinking for me, but I believe him. He wants me, and he wants to be there for me. I can’t even fathom the fact he’s willing to give up being Alpha for me. I’ve never even heard of such a thing.

If he’s willing to lay it all on the line for me, shouldn’t I do the same? Mating isn’t going to fix the past, of that fact, I am aware, but it might be the key to a happy future.

“I would never hurt you,” he says earnestly before k!ssing me again.

I didn’t know that k!ssing could be like this. I’ve k!ssed men before, but I have never felt it all the way from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes. This isn’t just a k!ss, it’s a promise.

For long moments, we both get lost in the k!ss, enjoying each other passion, but I need more from him. I need him to prove his words, to make me his, and to keep me with him forever. I arch my back, pressing my br*easts into his muscled chest, trying to get more from him. But Rowan doesn’t break from the k!ss. He only lifts my leg higher onto his h!p before thrusting his covered er*ection against my se*x.

A mewling sound escapes from me, which causes Rowan to smile against my l!ps. He places a soft peck on my l!ps before pulling back to smile down at me.

“I’m going to claim you, mate you, and put my cub inside you so you can never leave me. If you want me to stop, now is your chance.”

“Please,” I whisper in reply.

Something in him snaps. His l!ps circle one of my n!pples, svckling hard as he releases my hands. One of his hands moves lower, toward the juncture between my thighs. A loud m0an leaves me the moment his fingers touch my soaking folds before spearing into my entrance.

“You’re so we*t,” he mumbles around my n!pple, two fingers spearing in and out of me. “I don’t know if I can be gentle with you, not this first time.”

My hands work at trying to remove his shirt. “Who says I want gentle?”

Rowan pulls away abruptly, tearing his t-shirt over his head. He forces his shorts down over his a*ss, allowing his c0ck to spring free. It lands on my pvssy, nudging at my cl!t, and I m0an again loudly. I’ve had se*x once before, with a non-shifter, when I was trying to be someone other than who I am, but I’m a shifter, so I have seen many penises before. But Rowan’s? It’s thick and veiny, with a bulbous head at the top that’s already leaking cvm onto my skin. He’s massive. Although I’m a little nervous, I can’t wait to have him inside me.

I grip him tightly, stroking him from root to tip. Rowan curses loudly before pushing my hand away.

“You can touch me to your heart’s content. Later.”


Tilting Kira’s pelvis up off the dock, I don’t hesitate. I surge forward and bury all eight inches of my c0ck inside her. The motion is smooth and fluid, her we*t cunt welcoming me. Kira throws her head back and screams.

I should be gentle. Her pvssy is clearly unused from the snug fit, but my animalistic side has taken over, and I can’t control myself. I rut into her like a mindless beast. My thrusts are deep and powerful, the base of my c0ck hitting her little cl!t with every plunge. With every stroke, her br*easts jiggle, and a breathy m0an escapes her, only spurring me on.

She tangles her hands in my hair, pulling me forward and k!ssing me deeply before biting my l!p. I pull away to find her smirking at me.

“I thought alphas could fvck. Is this all you’ve got?”

I pull out of her body and flip her over. Grabbing her h!ps, I pull her onto her knees and thrust in deeply. The sounds she makes as I fvck her from behind drives me to give her more. Harder. Deeper. I want her to feel me inside her when she breathes later.

“Yes,” she m0ans.

One of my hands leaves her h!p to seek out her cl!t. I can feel my org*asm rushing forward, but I need her to come first. I rub at the little bundle of nerves and feel her inner walls flutter around my c0ck. Her body starts to shake with her impending org*asm, and I pinch her cl!t harshly between my thumb and forefinger, sending her over the edge.

“Yes! Fvck yes!” Kira shouts to the sky.

When her org*asm starts to subside, and her body is limp, I grab a handful of hair and pull her back to me. I need the leverage to fvck her properly.

“We’re not done yet,” I whisper into her ear as a whimper falls from her l!ps.

Then I fvck her like I have dreamed of for the last week. Hard, punishing thrusts, trying to get as deep into her body as I can, fvcking myself into the very fiber of her being. When my org*asm finally hits, I roar her name to the sky. Kira goes over the edge again, milking every drop from me.

After catching my breath, I carry her spent, passed-out body back to the cabin where I lay her down on the bed we will now be sharing. Gently, I clean between her thighs with a we*t washcloth before lying down beside her.

I caress her sleeping form, allowing my hands to memorize every inch of her body. The last thought I have as I drift off to sleep is that I have never been happier than I am right now, with my mate sleeping on my chest.

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