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You may be wondering if UPS drug test or not. As an applicant, there may be several questions you may have as regards the UPS demands or expectations from employees, especially in terms of drug policy.

Plus, with the fact that some recreational drugs like marijuana have been permitted in the united state.

Although, uses is based on medical requirement. However, the industry is left to decide whether or not their employee should be drug tested.

Hence, some would conduct drug tests while some may not. As for ups, in this article, you will find out if they drug test or not.

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Does UPS Drug Test or Not?

This is a popular question, and you be expecting either yes or no. However, the answer is a blend of the two, which means that UPS has no strict drug policy, but sometimes, they may be required to drug test employees based on the situation.

And based on the situation or things, they may be required to drug test employees. In those cases, drug testing varies from position to position.

The situation that tells whether or not or employee would be tested is whether such is a full-time employee or part-time employee.

If an employee is a full–time worker, the company shall conduct a series of drug tests on such. However, this is not required by part-time employees.

In cases like workmanship compensation, both employees would need to take drug tests.

The reason is that they need to be sure the drug is not the reason for some people’s effectiveness. 

Those matted would be compensated based on their human effort for fair compensation.

In other cases where we have any of these categories tested if there is any reasonable suspicion of drugs among the employee by the employer/management. 

Therefore, the full-time employee should have at the back of their minds that they would be tested on the drug, while part-time employees may not bother about being tested for drugs at UPS or not except under the above-stated conditions.

UPS Tests for What Drugs?

A urine test is the most common technique of drug testing people as it unveils the presence of a wide range of recreational drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine, and the like.

As long as you can be monitored and cautioned on these drugs, there are exceptions where you are permitted to use certain drugs based on medical prescription, such as medical marijuana or opiates.

All you need is to consult your employer on time, stating your medical prescription with adequate proof.

UPS does a 5-panel urine screen to diagnose the top 5 commonly abused drugs (THC, amphetamine, cocaine, PCP, Opiates).

This simple but effective drug test would only diagnose the presence of these drugs and not more.

Most of these drugs can be tested positive in people who don’t take them, but because some drugs react in a similar way to the drugs, they are tested positive.

An example is a medical (BI) supplement for back pains present in an individual who can bring positive THC tests. Meanwhile, medical BI breaks down in the same manner as THC.

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Are Seasonal Employees Drug Tested at UPS?

UPS had no serious reasons to drug test their seasonal employees. Before employment and post-employment, seasonal employees are not drug tested.

If you are interested in applying as a part-time employee at UPS, a drug test should not be an issue.

However, there are certain circumstances where seasonal employees are tested.

These are cases like suspense that a worker is under the influence of drugs and that may have an imprint on the post he’s handling or cases where employees are injured or are involved in an accident.

Another case is when the employee is due for worker’s compensation, and then such would be tested if the efficiency of such isn’t drug base.

During the orientation program, new workers, seasonal employees, or even full-time ones shouldn’t bother much about whether they’ll be drug tested.

For full-time employees, they would have been tested during the employment screening.

The orientation program for UPS is intended to prepare new workers for work, familiarize them with old employees, and get used to the demands of the post they are going for.

Hence, there is no reason to drug test any employee during the orientation program.

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UPS drug policy is not that strict. Your post, work type, and kind of manager you have will determine if you will be tested for drugs or not.

However, full-time employees are expected to be tested for drugs, while part-time may necessarily not be tested for drugs except in the cases mentioned above.

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