Vanessa Hudgens is now confident that she can talk to ghosts

Vanessa Hudgens talks to spirits and has no doubt about it

A year ago, Vanessa Hudgens uploaded an extremely bad video in which she complained about the quarantine measures and said, among other things, that “it is inevitable that many people will die from the coronavirus”. The actress, who later apologized for her posture, is now back with new statements that go beyond the realm of fantasy. To be precise, they enter into that of the metaphysical.

As a guest on her show Kelly Clarkson on Tuesday, the star confessed that from the age of 8 she can communicate with ghosts and ghosts. As she claims, she can talk to people who have lost their lives and souls, while Clarkson was looking for ways to manage this metaphysical game on air.

Hudgens specifically stated that “she has had many spiritual pursuits over the years” and that she has now accepted the fact that “she can see and hear different things”. Her references to this experience were followed by:

“I remember getting ready for school when I was 8 and there were, you know, those duck games you drag. “We had one of them in the living room and as I started walking, he was following me,” the 33-year-old describes, adding: “It was scary. The unknown scares me but recently I changed my mind and said: “No, this is a gift and an ability”.

Hudgens also added that she uses a “spirit box” that helps her analyze “radio frequencies very quickly”. This is not the first time she has spoken about her experience with ghosts and ghosts. Speaking to People in 2011, she had said that she was often visited by a metaphysical presence that looked like a ghost.

As he described then, he listened to footsteps while living in an old house, which may have been haunted. “I was chasing the ghost for 10 minutes, then I got scared and left. I felt that this existence had lost her husband in the war and was waiting for him to return. It was definitely a female spirit. ” Okay Vanessa.

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