Vladimir Poutine: blow for the daughters of the Russian president; they are violently…

Maria and Kaetrina, the two daughters of Vladimir Poutine, have just been violently sanctioned after the actions of their father.

Indeed, it now seems that Vladimir Putin can no longer protect his daughters. Things got tough a few weeks ago when the house owned by Katerina and her ex-husband Kyrill Nikolayevich Chamalov on the Basque coast was the victim of a break-in and anti-Russian tagging.

The noose is tightening today as the two women are officially part of the 200 new Russian personalities targeted by sanctions decided this Thursday, April 7 by the European Union reveals Le Parisien which indicates that the young women could see their assets frozen.

Maria Vorontsova is indeed at the head of Nomenko, a major investment project company in the health sector, active in particular in the fight against cancer.

According to the European Union, the company would provide “substantial sources of income” to the Russian government, a fact likely to justify the sanctions against the eldest of Putins. Katerina Tikhonova is also caught in the trap.

In addition to her work on the scientific council of Moscow State University, the youngest of the Russian leader is at the head of Innopratika, a support fund for young Russian scientists. This one, we learn again from Le Parisien, is founded by companies “whose leaders are members of the circle of oligarchs close” to Putin.

Sanctions against his daughters, that could well irritate the master of the Kremlin a little more…

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