Vladimir Putin in mortal danger: one of his daughters might want to assassinate him…

Mysterious, secretive, some would say paranoid, Vladimir Putin remains an enigma for many observers. It must be said that the troubled and distant personality of the Russian president has certain gray areas. It is also rumored that the decisions of the head of the Kremlin would be motivated by a worrying state of health. For several years, at regular intervals, rumors have been swirling, sometimes suffering from cancer or Parkinson’s disease. Allegations which intensified with the entry into the war against Ukraine.

If Vladimir Poutine fears for his life, it is not only the disease which frightens him. Indeed, the head of the Kremlin is convinced that someone will try to assassinate him. And the Russian president distrusts everything and everyone. According to a Russian expert, the danger could even come very close. “I believe that if there is an assassination attempt, it could be from a woman,”

suggests Nikolai Petrov to The UK Express. The latter even asserts that the leader’s assassination could be committed bya member of his family, his mistress, his daughter, his ex-wife, someone who knows him and who could get closer to him”.

Vladimir Putin, public enemy number one

It must be said that since he declared war on Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has made some enemies. On Facebook, a wealthy businessman named Alex Konanykhin has even promised a handsome sum of money to anyone who arrests the Russian leader. ” To the police officer(s) who, in accordance with their constitutional duty, will arrest Putin as a war criminal under Russian and international law, I promise the sum of one million dollars“, he said in particular. To accompany his message, it was accompanied by a photo of the head of the Kremlin on a Wild West-style wanted poster with the mention: ” Wanted, dead or alive: Vladimir Putin for mass murder“.

Thibaud Cruz

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