We also (partly) determine happiness at work

We spend a lot of time at work. It is therefore very important that we feel good there. In part, we have that in our own hands, according to scientific research.

Discover five tips below to be happier at work.

1. Minimize your commute time

Those who commute for a long time can become unhappy and even sick. Margo Hilbrecht of the University of Waterloo (Canada) discovered that the longer it takes you to get started, the less satisfied you are with your life in general. Many commuters indeed experience a long commuting time as a waste of time. Moreover, a long commute means less time for the family, and for sports and relaxation. And let that be just things that increase your happiness level.

2. Ensure a pleasant working environment

Let’s be honest, nobody gets happy from a gray, boring workspace. International research shows, for example, that plants in a workspace lead to less stress, more creativity and a better state of mind. Professor of Work Psychology Peter Warr and journalist Guy Clapperton confirm in their book “The joy of work?” that a pleasant working environment contributes significantly to happiness in the workplace. So join hands with colleagues and ensure that it is pleasant to stay in your workspace.

3. Take control of your professional life

Autonomy is necessary for the well-being of employees. This is evident from, among other things, the National Happiness Research conducted by Prof. Lieven Annemans (UGent) and a study by the University of Birmingham.

We also (partly) determine happiness at work

Being able to plan your day yourself, being able to determine where you work, determining the order of your tasks… are essential to having the feeling that you are in control as an employee. Does your boss behave like a micromanager? Then start the conversation and claim the autonomy you need.

4. Sleep well

What applies to happiness, in general, is equally true to happiness at work. Those who sleep enough feel fitter, can concentrate better and experience a higher sense of happiness. So go to bed on time and put it aside more than an hour in advance for a good night’s sleep.

5. Keep your goal in mind

Those who set goals for themselves, and who achieve them, will be happier because of that, author Gretchen Rubin tells in her bestseller ‘The Happiness Project’. So also set concrete goals at work, such as attracting a customer or growing to a higher position. It will only make you more motivated.

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