Weight Loss After Pregnancy: 6 Myths You Should Stop Believing

Many new moms after childbirth worry about how they will feel about their body image.

As the media and the comments of friends and family can greatly affect new mothers, the issue of weight loss becomes even more sensitive. So below we will analyze the prevailing myths regarding weight after childbirth.

Myth # 1 Your body needs to be the same as it was before pregnancy

Your body gave you a child. And of course no one expects your life to be the same after a baby, so it would be wrong to assume that our body should be the same as before. Our bodies are not marble slabs that remain unchanged throughout life. Love yourself just the way you are.

Myth 2 # Pregnancy pounds are a bad thing

Our bodies change over the years. We can not be the same pounds we were in high school. So there is no reason to stigmatize or try to explain weight changes after childbirth.

Myth 3 # Dieting while breastfeeding is a healthy way to lose weight

Many women believe that dieting while breastfeeding is a good opportunity to lose weight quickly. But it is best not to diet for at least the first two months after your baby is born. A low-calorie diet for the first two months could suppress your energy and reduce your milk supply. In general, breastfeeding women need about 500 calories more.

Myth 4 # You need to “get your body back”

Many new mothers can switch to diets to lose weight after giving birth as the media sends messages that you should try to get your body back. But your body never left and it helped you create something amazing. If of course you want to lose weight to feel good then do it. The problem arises when some people criticize women after childbirth and make them ashamed of their bodies. Every new mom has a different journey and each body comes back at its own pace and in its own way.

Myth 5 # You need to lose weight right away

Be lenient with yourself. Give yourself some time. While you will probably feel pressured to erase any evidence that your body has gone through a pregnancy, it is best not to rush. Instead, be polite and patient with yourself.

Myth 6 # It’s hard to find time to exercise when you have a baby

While this may be true for many mothers, there are ways to find time to exercise. Even if you take the stroller and go for a walk three times a week for 40 minutes, it is a great way to stay active while balancing life as a mom. And of course you can take online fitness classes, so you do not have to leave home.

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