When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1011

Elliot proposed a solution: “Then change to a bigger villa.”

Avery said distressedly, “My child and I are used to living here, and don’t want to move. You better control your consumption desire a little bit! I know you have a lot of money, but in addition to improving our personal quality of life, money can also be used to do good things. For example, donate to poor mountainous areas or charities.”

“I have done all these things.” Elliot walked to the trunk and took the box down, “I bought you jewelry. I know you don’t like it but I think you look good in jewelry.”

After that, Elliot put several oversized boxes in front of her.

Avery opened the box. There were small boxes inside.

“Elliot, have you emptied the shop?”

Elliot replied, “No. I didn’t buy it if it didn’t look good.”

Avery felt deeply helpless. Obviously she should be happy to receive the gift, but she can’t be happy.

The cabinet where she kept jewelry could not hold so much jewelry at all.

“What did you buy for your daughter?” she asked, resisting the urge to educate him.

“I mainly bought hair clips. There are also some I don’t know what they are. I looked at the bells and whistles and felt that the little girl should like it, so I bought it.”

Elliot answer made her again have the urge to educate him.

But Avery was so happy to see her daughter receiving the gift, she could only hold back.

“Did you buy a present for your son?” Avery asked.

“Bought toys and snacks for Robert.”

“Didn’t buy it for Hayden?” Avery eyes searched carefully in the trunk.

“I bought it.” His voice dropped suddenly.

“Oh?” Avery noticed that he was a little guilty and nervous, so she asked, “What did you buy for Hayden? Show it to me.”

A stack of copybooks.

Last birthday banquet, Hayden’s class teacher brought Hayden’s homework to show him.

He found that his son’s handwriting was a bit ugly. So he passed by the bookstore today and bought these copybooks for his son, hoping to help his son.

However, Elliot could guess that his son might be angry when he received this gift full of fatherly love.

Avery looked at the copybook and couldn’t help laughing.

“Show him the gift tomorrow morning. I’m afraid I’ll show it to him tonight. He will be so angry that he won’t be able to sleep at night.” Avery took the copybook and put it in the room.

After Avery entered the living room, Layla asked her dad in a low voice, “Dad, why did you buy us so many gifts?”

“Because dad made too much money. If you don’t spend it, it will lose the meaning of making money.”

Layla After trying to digest these words. She comforted: “Oh, Dad, don’t worry, I will help you spend money.”

The next day, At 8 a.m.

Elliot’s cell phone received a message.

It was a message from the Paternity Test Center.

At this time, he and Avery were having breakfast in the dining room.

After he saw the screen light up, he opened the message and clicked on the link attached to the message. He saw the paternity test results of him and Nathan.

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