When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1013

An evil voice resounded in his mind: [You are not Jaxson Foster’s son! You are not a young master born with a golden key… that old rogue Nathan is your biological father! You have the blood of rogues in your blood, so you are cold, cruel, and dark! You will not have a happy death! Even if you rehabilitate now, you will pay your rogue father’s debt! You will fall into darkness together, forever and ever!]

The stomach acid irritated his stomach and made him want to vomit uncontrollably!

He strode towards the garage, and with a ‘vomit’ sound, he vomited out all the breakfast he had just eaten.

Fortunately, the garage was on the far right of the villa, and no one saw him so embarrassed.

Elliot stared blankly at the vomit on the ground, thinking that his own background was as disgusting as this vomit. His eyes couldn’t help but get wet.

It’s not that Elliot can’t accept that he is not the young master of the Foster family, he just can’t accept that he is Nathan’s son.

In addition, he has suffered too many unbearable mental tortures in the Foster family, which is the most important reason why he cannot be separated from the Foster family.

He is not Elliot, but why does he have kinship with his mother and Shea?

Now what the truth wants to deprive is not his identity as Elliot, but also all the feelings related to this name.

As long as Elliot thinks that he is not the pride of his mother, and that he is not the brother that Shea admires the most, he is overwhelmed with pain. For so many years, how much he paid to satisfy his mother and protect Shea, how could outsiders know!

A gust of cool wind blew, as if it had blown into his stomach, and his stomach cramped, and he was shocked into a cold sweat.

Sanity returns to the body.

new toys wiped the tears from the corners of his mouth, quickly calmed down, turned around to open the car door, and sat in. When the car drove out of the yard, he sent a text message to Mrs. Cooper.

After a while, Mrs. Cooper hurried out with a basin of water and cleaned up the vomit in the garage.

The ground was as clean as ever, as if nothing had happened.

The black Rolls-Royce did not drive towards Sterling Group, but towards Foster’s house. He was not in the mood to work, nor was he in the mood to pay attention to the upcoming wedding. Until Nathan was resolved, he might not be able to sleep and eat.

When Elliot got home, he asked Mrs. Scarlet to make coffee.

Mrs. Scarlet glanced at him: “Sir, your face is not very good. Did you not sleep last night? Would you like to prepare breakfast for you?”

He said in a cold voice: “No.”

Only coffee and cigarettes can quickly stabilize his mood.

Elliot took a puff of cigarette, and in the smoke, he clicked on his phone address book, found Nathan’s number, dialed it, and asked him to meet: “You come alone. I don’t want to see your stupid son!”

When Nathan saw his call, He guessed that Elliot must have obtained the results of the paternity test, and immediately became arrogant: “Zion is also my son. What’s the difference between calling him stupid and calling yourself?”

If it was before today, Elliot listened In this case, he will definitely be furious and furious.

But now he just hung up the phone calmly. He would not recognize Nathan, let alone get involved with his other children, so what kind of people are they and what does it have to do with him?

After a while, Nathan came. With a humble smile on his face, he sat down on the sofa opposite Elliot.

“How’s it going? Is the result out? The fact that I am your biological father will not change even if I come here!” Nathan’s smile became more and more hideous and ugly.

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