When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1029

“How can you not care? You suffer so much! It’s not that you have no money! It’s not that you can’t find another woman? If you dump her, you can find another woman to have thirty children with your surname!”

Elliot and Avery were speechless.

“Yes! What’s the matter with you picking on women? This Avery is not sensible at all! Just now When you see us, don’t come down to say hello, don’t you take us seriously?”

“I really don’t understand the rules! And looking at what she did to you before, I guess she is always so arrogant and rude! This kind of rudeness! Woman, how did you endure it?”

“Elliot, you dumped her. We’ll introduce you to a better woman. I promise it won’t affect your wedding date.”

“Yeah! My sister has always admired you. She is not only better than Avery is beautiful, and her figure is amazing! I guarantee that she will serve you comfortably in the future!”

Elliot politely refused: “No need. I have been with Avery for many years, and I don’t want anyone.”

Avery squatted on the ground and listened to his answer clearly.

She should be moved, but in her mind, the ugly and vulgar words his friends said kept popping up!

What do you call her arrogance?

She’s disheveled and wearing pajamas, is it polite to go down to greet them?

There is also a man who wants to introduce his sister to Elliot and let Elliot change his bride. It’s really hateful!

She was so angry that she would be bullied by them if she didn’t let out her breath! Thinking of this, she got up and stepped on the floor with a ‘bang’!

She did it on purpose. She wanted them to know that she had been hiding here eavesdropping just now.

Sure enough, the sound of footsteps came, and the living room was suddenly silent. Everyone ‘swished’ and looked at the source of the sound at the entrance of the stairs. After a while, the footsteps disappeared, and everyone looked back.

“Didn’t she go upstairs a long time ago? Who were the footsteps that just came down?” One of them wondered.

“Is there another woman in this family who doesn’t know the rules like Avery?” The second man pointed out that the footsteps just now were made by Avery.

“Sit down for a while, and I’ll go up and take a look.” Elliot held back his smile and got up from the sofa.


Avery is in Elliot’s wardrobe, looking for clothes.

She came in pajamas last night. She remembered that she used to have clothes here.

As a result, after rummaging through his closet for a while, he didn’t see a single woman’s clothing.

That’s all, her nightdress is also pretty, as long as you put on your underwear, wash your face, and comb your hair, you can go down for revenge!

When she was brushing her teeth, Elliot entered the bedroom.

“Avery, have you rested?” Elliot walked to the bathroom door and asked her.

Avery rinsed her mouth, put the water glass down, and glared at him: “What’s going on with the group of monsters and monsters below?”

“What monsters and monsters, those are former friends. They heard that I’m getting married, so come over to congratulate me.” Elliot said with full of smiles.

Avery scolded him sharply, “You’re still laughing! I heard everything they said just now! Don’t think I forgot their origins! They are not good people! How did you know them? Why didn’t you tell them Clear boundaries? Do you want to continue doing illegal and criminal things in the future?”

Elliot smiled restrained by her questioning.

“Avery, it’s not what you think. The laws and regulations of each Aryadellere different. It may be illegal in our country, but legal in other countries. If they are all criminals, how can they come to me safe and sound?”

“But when they talk about me like that, I won’t swallow my anger! If you don’t drive them away now, and I’ll go downstairs later, I will definitely not give them a good face.” Avery warned him.

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