When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1032

On the way back, the driver asked, ”Ms. Tate, where are we going?”

”Go to my house.” Avery was full of food and drink, and Felt a little sleepy at the moment.

She turned on her phone to see if there was any news.

Mike sent her a few screenshots of the drone shots.

Mike :[This morning, I mainly visited the first target area. In total, I found that red objects were placed outside seven windows. I checked them one by one, but I did not find your patient.]

Avery didn’t expect Mike to be so efficient. She replied: [Thank you very much.]

Mike: [You finally woke up? I heard that you went to Elliot’s house last night? Where are you now? If you’re still at Elliot’s house, I’ll go grab a meal!]

Avery: [I’m not at his house anymore. Today a bunch of messy people came to his house and I drove them away.]

Mike: [D*mn, are you so fierce? After all, it’s someone’s guest!]

Avery: [Did you meet me on the first day? Because I know those people are not good people. And when he gets married, his business is a family business. If he doesn’t let me

do something he doesn’t particularly like after getting married, I’ll change it for him.]

Mike: [Well, after all, you are a family when you are married. If something happened to him, it would definitely hurt you. Did you train Hayden last night?]

Avery blushed: [who told you?]

Mike: [The two kids found you out this morning and thought you were pissed off. So I learned about the big battle that happened last night. But don’t worry about the child, Mrs. Cooper called Mrs. Scarlet in the morning, and we all knew that you were going to live with Elliot in the two-person world.]

Avery: [Can you please stop exaggerating your words? I’m going to him for something.]

Mike: [So late, why are you looking for him?]

Avery: […]

Mike: [Hahahahaha!]

Avery put down the phone and didn’t want to chat with him anymore.

After a while, Mike’s phone calls.

Avery saw his call, hesitated for two seconds, and took it.

“Avery, how are you going to spend the May Day holiday?” Mike asked, “Is Elliot free to accompany you? If he doesn’t have time to go with you, I can take you out!”

Avery hadn’t thought about this issue yet. She is not busy every day, but not idle either.

Mainly with three children, she can be busy whenever she wants.

“Didn’t you make an appointment with Chad?”

“I have an appointment! Let’s go outside together!”

“I would rather take the children at home than go with you.”

“Then I will take the children out and leave you alone. Play at home!” Mike deliberately angered her.

Avery sneered: “You’d better take Robert to play together, so that I can live with Elliot at home! It just so happens that I haven’t been alone with him for a long time.”

Mike took a deep breath and thought Rebuted, but found himself short of words.

In the end, he could only say in a mocking tone: “Did Elliot never propose to you? Avery, he didn’t even ask for marriage, so you agreed to marry him? Did you get it too easily?”

Avery’s face flushed with anger, and she gritted her teeth: “I don’t care if he asks for marriage or not! That’s all a routine! If you want to marry, you will marry if you don’t propose, but if you don’t want to marry, even if you ask for a hundred times, you won’t get married.”

“Look, as soon as I say it, you will explode. It means that you really want that kind of routine, but Elliot, a straight man, doesn’t understand…”

Before Mike finished speaking, Avery hung up the phone.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was helping to find Adrian, she would definitely scold him.

After the driver sent Avery to the Starry River Villa, he returned to the car and called Elliot.

“Boss, I sent Ms. Tate home safely. Where are you now? I’ll pick you up.” The driver said.

Elliot said, “I’m at the airport. You can pick me up at the airport in an hour.”

Driver: “Okay.”

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