When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1033

An hour later, the driver picked up Elliot at the airport.

After Elliot got in the car, the driver asked, ”Boss, where are you going?”

Elliot rubbed his brows and thought for a moment: ”Go to the company!”

The driver said, “Okay.”

After the car drove out, the driver looked in the rearview mirror and glanced at Elliot’s face.

It happened that Elliot saw this scene, so he asked, ”What?”

“Boss, when I took Ms. Tate home, Ms. Tate talked to someone on the phone and

quarreled.” After a brief hesitation, the driver told the matter. “The person over the phone

seemed to say that you didn’t propose to Ms. Tate, and there was a lack of process. It

made Ms. Tate flush with anger and hung up the other party’s phone.”

Avery and Mike often quarreled like this, but it was the first time the driver saw each other,

so he thought Avery was wronged.

In addition, the driver’s words were exaggerated, which caused Elliot to really think that

Avery was greatly wronged.

Since others laughed at Avery for not being proposed, could he make up a marriage

proposal while taking advantage of the May Day holiday?

Thinking of this, he immediately began to plan the marriage proposal.

But he had never proposed and had no experience, so he decided to brainstorm ideas. He

opened the group chat and sent a message: [I plan to propose to Avery on May 1st, do you

have any better suggestions?]

Ben Schaffer: [Didn’t you two get engaged? Why bother to propose marriage?]

Chad: [The boss wants to be romantic, right? May 1st marriage proposal, June 1st

marriage, very good.]

Jun: [I proposed to Tammy with the help of my family when I was on vacation. I arranged the vacation room, then made some beautiful lights, filled it with roses, played some sensational music, and finally tricked her into the room, knelt down on one knee for her,

and took out a diamond ring… .. made her romantic cry directly!]

Elliot: [Don’t you think it’s cliché?]

Ben Schaffer: [cliché.]

Chad: [cliché +1]

Jun: [But Tammy really cried! She said she was super impressed!]

Elliot: [So you two became husband and wife.]

Ben Schaffer: [Pfft!]

Chad: [Boss, are you planning to propose outside or at home?]

Jun: [Hmph, if Brother Elliot wants a different proposal, it must be a proposal outside!

Proposing marriage at home can only be as cliché as I am.]

Elliot: [Then I’ll propose outside!]

Ben Schaffer, Chad, Jun:[ …]

Wouldn’t he feel ashamed if Elliot is so shameless to propose marriage outside?

Elliot looked at their ellipses and calmed down. He considered the consequences of proposing in public, and finally found it unbearable, so he quickly sent a message to add:

[Propose in a venue outside.]

Ben Schaffer, Chad, Jun: [……]

Excuse me, what is the difference between proposing at a bakery venue and at home?

Ben Schaffer was bolder and asked this question.

Elliot replied: [Outside, I can ask the best pianist to play the piano, the best lighting engineer to adjust the lighting, and the best chef to make a delicious meal. At home, it can’t work.]

Ben Schaffer, Chad, Jun: [! ! !]

This is really in line with Elliot’s style.

Ben Schaffer: [Do you need us to go to the scene to help?]

Elliot: [Are you here to be light bulbs? She has promised to marry me. Proposal is just another form of our dating.]

After a while, Elliot sent another message in the group: [This matter must be kept secret, I want to surprise her.]

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