When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1035

Avery was stunned: ”

Are you sure?” Mrs. Cooper smiled: ”


Don’t worry, | will take good care of Robert and not make him sick.” Avery felt something was wrong, ”

Why did you suddenly change your mind? If you take Robert out, I’ll really be the only one left in the family” Mrs. Cooper: ”

Let Mr.

Foster come to accompany you! | have already told Mike.” Mrs. Cooper came to inform Avery and left.

Avery went back to the room and called Elliot.

“Elliot, do you have any arrangements for May 1?” On the other side of the phone, Elliot obviously hadn’t thought about it.

His tone was a little loose and lazy: Her tone was a little sad, ”

It will be there in two days.

Mike is going to take Hayden and Robert out to play.

Eric is going to take Layla to dive.

| thought | was the only one who didn’t make holiday plans.

| didn’t expect you to have no plans.

You don’t plan to continue to work on the wedding on May 1, right?”

Elliot didn’t answer and asked: “They all went out to play, you are the only one at home?”

“Yes! Are you pity me in your tone? Aren’t you alone?”

“How do you want to live? I’ll accompany you.” Elliot chuckled softly.

“Oh… Let’s talk about it then! I’ll take a shower and think about it later.” Avery sighed in relief and muttered, “Suddenly the child has to leave me,So I feel very uncomfortable.”

Elliot was thinking about how to comfort her, but Avery added: “But I’m so happy! I can finally leave my children alone and live my own life in a few days!”

Elliot: “…”

“That’s right. Avery, your patient Adrian, what is his father’s name?” Elliot asked suddenly.

The smile on Avery’s face disappeared, “Why do you suddenly care about this issue?”

“You said his family treated him badly, and you want to find him. You tell me about his family, and I’ll help you find it.” Elliot wanted to confirm whether this Adrian is the young master of the Foster family who was taken out back then. If not, that’s the best. If so, he must take action so that this man never appears in the public eye.

Avery’s breathing suddenly became heavy.

Elliot already knew that Nathan was his biological father. He must have doubts about Adrian now.

Avery didn’t dare to guess how Elliot would react after knowing Adrian’s true identity, she was afraid that the result would be something she didn’t want to see.

Avery said calmly, “You’re so busy, I don’t need your help in this matter. If I can find him, it’s best, and I won’t keep looking if I can’t find him. Let’s think about how to play on May Day!


After hanging up the phone, Avery sat down beside the bed and was feeling very complicated.

Based on what she knew about Elliot, if he wanted to keep his current identity, he would never tolerate Adrian.

Even if he has deep feelings for Shea, he will not show mercy to Adrian because Adrian is Shea’s twin brother. If he wasn’t cruel, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

So Avery has to find Adrian as soon as possible and transfer Adrian to a safe place.

The other side.

Elliot picked up the glass and took a sip.

He was almost certain that Adrian’s nominal father was Nathan.

Nathan will not raise Adrian for nothing, it must be Rosalie Foster who has been secretly giving him money all these years.

After the death of Rosalie Foster, Nathan’s source of income was also cut off, so he couldn’t help but brought Adrian to Aryadelle to ask Elliot for money.

It’s a pity that his trick will not succeed.

After a glass of wine, Elliot made a phone call.

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