When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1039

She immediately found Nathan’s number and dialed it.

Sorry, the user you dialed is not in service.

Avery stared blankly at the phone screen.

Her stunned face was reflected on the screen.

Is Nathan playing with Adrian and disappearing? They had better leave Aryadelle! If he just hide it, it will be troublesome! With Nathan’s cunning and sinister temperament, who knows what bad tricks he will secretly plan! In the dining room.

Henry toasted Nathan a few glasses of wine, and when he saw Nathan’s face was flushed, Henry asked, “Nathan, how did you get rich? My son told me on the phone that you Your son is a big man in Aryadelle…

How come I’ve never heard of you and your son?”

“I don’t blame you for being ignorant. After all, I’ve only returned to Aryadelle for a few days!” Nathan looked arrogantly and smiled, “If my son is not a wealthy man, how could he just give me 10 million as pocket money?!”

“Your son is so good? Who is he?” Henry deliberately looked at him with an envious expression on his face, “Is it a legitimate business?”

When the law took effect, Nathan said with a sullen face, “Of course my son is in a legitimate business!”

“Oh, since it is a legitimate business, then I should listen to it. Did you mention his name?” Henry flattered.

“Of course! My son’s name is like thunder! In Aryadelle, who has never heard of his name!”

“What’s his name?”

“His name…” Nathan said this, and suddenly returned rationally. In the body, “This is my family’s privacy, of course I won’t tell you! Just remember, I’m much better than you now! If you see me in the future, you have to call me Brother white!”

Henry sneered One voice: “Unless you tell me your son’s name, I will never believe what you say!”

“Then how did you say my 10 million came from?”

Henry said, “What is 10 million? I have 100 million! Does your son have so much money from me?”

“Hahahaha! Yes, are you trying to laugh at me to death!” Nathan burst into tears, and even reached out to pat the table, “One hundred million is a piece of sh*t for my son! Hahaha!”

Henry’s self-esteem was trampled to the ground.

If what Nathan said is true, then the son he talks about should be someone on the rich list.

When he goes back later, he will scour the rich list! He wanted to see how holy Nathan’s son was!


In the blink of an eye, it’s Friday.

Avery got up early in the morning, packed the three children, and prepared to send them out.

Mike originally decided to travel abroad, but in the end, taking Robert with him would make it inconvenient to travel out, so he finally switched to domestic travel.

After breakfast, Avery sent Mike and the others out first.

“Mrs. Cooper, if you’re not used to playing outside, you can bring Robert back anytime!” Avery urged, “Hayden, it’s good to have fun when you go out to play, don’t always worry about studying. Mom will make videos for you every day.

Hayden responded and got into the car .

Mrs. Cooper hugged Robert and followed closely.

After the car drove away, the villa suddenly became much quieter.

“Mom, why hasn’t Uncle Eric come to pick me up? My brother and the others have all left.” Layla was carrying the little rabbit’s bag and looked out of the courtyard.

“Baby, do you just want to leave?” Avery was a little sad, “when you leave, mom is the only one at home.”

Layla raised her chin and pursed her mouth: “I’m leaving, my father won’t leave. Are you here? We three oil bottles are gone, can’t you and Dad do whatever we want?”

“What can I do with your father?” Avery exclaimed.

“How do children know about this kind of thing?” Layla pursed her lips. “They said you two were going to work.”

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