When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1044

A doctor called her just now and said that a patient named Adrian was looking for her.

The doctor asked her if she could go to the hospital now.

When she heard Adrian’s name, she agreed without thinking.

After the car drove out, she felt uneasy in her heart.

What’s wrong with Adrian? If it is not serious, it will not be taken to the hospital.

Why did the doctor contact her instead of Nathan?

Who instructed the doctor to contact her? Definitely not Nathan. If Nathan wanted to contact her, he didn’t need to go through a doctor at all.

Thinking of this, she frowned.

In the hospital.

Adrian was transferred to the general ward.

After Nathan knew that Adrian was poisoned by deliberately swallowing an excessive amount of antihypertensive drugs, he was furious.

This idiot said that he had no brains, and he even knew how to commit suicide by swallowing medicine!

He wanted to die, but Nathan refused to let him die! If he died, how could Nathan threaten Elliot with him? How to get Elliot to corrupt money?

No matter what, Nathan had to ask Elliot for a lot of money.

In this way, even if Elliot doesn’t recognize his father, Nathan can guarantee that he will have no worries about food and clothing for the rest of his life.

About 40 minutes later, the ward door was pushed open.

A burly man strode in and drove Nathan out of the ward.

Nathan screamed loudly, “What are you doing?! Who are you? It’s my son in the ward! Did you admit the wrong person?!”

The bodyguard looked impatient: “Is the patient’s name Adrian? My boss asked me to protect him!”

“Who is your boss? Adrian is my son!” Nathan said incompetently and furiously.

If Nathan was 20 years guy, he would probably fight the bodyguard directly. But he was older and h is body was not so tough, and he didn’t dare to confront the bodyguard.

“My boss, Avery!” The bodyguard stood beside the hospital bed and yelled at Nathan, “She is in the doctor’s office now. Go talk to her! If you dare to do anything with my boss, I will kill you tonight.”

Nathan gritted his teeth and rushed towards the doctor’s office with a grim face.

Avery came out of the office after learning about Adrian’s condition from the doctor.

Shee met Nathan, who was looking for trouble.

Seeing him, Avery stopped.

“Nathan, let’s talk!”

Nathan roared angrily, “F*ck! Avery, Are you trying to steal my son directly? Adrian is my son. It’s legal!”

“If he is your biological son, you probably won’t say the word ‘legal’.” Avery grabbed the conversation, “Adrian is not your biological son, but you adopted him?”

The flesh on Nathan’s face jumped, “What about the adopted one? That’s my son too. If you don’t take your bodyguard away, I will call the police!”

Avery was not afraid of his threat at all: “Okay! You call the police now. When the police come, I will call the police. I just wanted to tell them that you abused Adrian!”

Nathan was stunned for a moment: “What abuse? I didn’t abuse him! It was he who wanted to kill himself by taking medicine…”

“You didn’t abuse him, why did he want to commit suicide by taking medicine? Nathan, you’d better clarify your thinking first, and then quarrel with me.” Avery pushed his body away from her, “Adrian is no longer a fool, when he is discharged from the hospital, I will take him for an intelligence test. If he is not a fool in the test, it will be up to him whether he will stay with you or not! I will not let you bully him again!”

Avery’s words made Nathan stunned.

Intelligence test?

By his will?

If it is true what Avery said, then Adrian will definitely not stay by his side!

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