When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1060

Avery’s answer made Hayden stunned for a few seconds.

He was still a child, and the most he could say was ‘like’. But her mother said that she loved Elliot, and Elliot was the only man she loved the most.

What can Hayden do? Can only accept.

“I see!” Hayden shouted this sentence as he looked at Elliot at the entrance of the stairs.

After saying this, he quickly returned to the room.

Avery turned his head and saw Elliot walking over with Layla in his arms.

Elliot blushed slightly, “Avery, were you too direct just now? I mean, are you pushing him too hard?”

Avery knew that he was a little impulsive just now.

But this matter will have to be faced sooner or later. Instead of boiling the frog in warm water, it is better to tell the child directly.

“Maybe I’m a little impatient.” She lowered her eyes slightly and sighed, “I don’t want to worry about his reaction all the time when we get married. Now tell him that, whether he can accept it or not, at least I don’t have to be so careful.”

“Dad, let me down.” Layla struggled for a while, “I’m going to coax my brother.”

Elliot immediately put his daughter down.

“Layla, you can go in later. Your brother said he is about to take a test, so don’t harass him to study first.” Avery took her daughter’s little hand, “Let’s go down and play with my brother first!”

“Oh, brother Are you going to participate in that very important game?” Layla asked curiously.

Avery looked at Elliot: “Is that competition in June?”

“Well. Before participating in the competition, you have to pass the qualifying rounds. The qualifying rounds are coming soon.” Elliot said, “Let’s see how his performance in the qualifying rounds is. “

Is the qualifying round about the whole class fighting for a spot?”


Avery frowned: “Hayden values ​​this game very much. If I knew he was going to play soon, I shouldn’t have quarreled with him at this time.”

Elliot took her shoulders and comforted: “Don’t blame yourself. He should have this mental capacity.”

“Although Hayden matures early, he is only a child after all. I will find a chance to apologize to him later.” Avery felt more and more guilty, “Elliot, it’s all your fault.”

Elliot: “…”

“If it wasn’t to make your life at home a little more comfortable, I wouldn’t force the child like this.” Avery deliberately vented her anger at him, “Although you didn’t put pressure on me, but when I saw you, I was invisible. I’m stressed.”

“It’s my fault.” He apologized, “How about I go back and live for two days?”

“Did you forget that Adrian lives in your house? When you go back, can you live with Adrian?” She reminded.

Elliot: “…”

He forgot about it!

The past few days have been so happy, the two of them never mentioned Adrian, so he forgot the existence of this man!

“You should stay with me. I’ve already had a showdown with Hayden. From what I know about him, he shouldn’t treat you as an enemy anymore.” Avery comforted, “My son, I understand.”

Elliot’s eyes moved slightly: “Really?” “Really. He listens to me very much.”

Avery felt a little uncomfortable when Elliot said this, “so I never wanted to force him, because once I forced him, he would definitely listen to me.”

Elliot was a little excited. He dreams of reconciling with Hayden.

Now that Avery has come forward, although the process is not pleasant, if the result can be good, he will be able to compensate his son well in the future.

“Thank you, wife.” Elliot said hoarsely, and couldn’t help kissing her cheek.

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