When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1063

This question shocked Henry.

Cole ignored the most important question. This Elliot is fake, so where did the real Elliot go?

As long as we can find the real Elliot, can’t we deal with this fake Elliot?

Cole said, “We can spend some money to inquire about the man’s information. There are so many servants in Elliot’s family, just buy one of them.”

Henry said, “You can do this. I’ll take a look to Nathan.”

Cole said, “Going to see what that old b*stard is doing? If he can join us, it will be more beneficial to us.”

Henry said, “Elliot is too powerful. The old b*stard is Elliot’s biological father, he must join us. You forgot that I asked someone to beat him a few days ago? He beat him in Elliot’s name. He probably hates Elliot to death now. Elliot is busy preparing for the wedding now. This is our last chance to turn around.”

Cole nodded: “I don’t need to be busy looking for a house or starting a business now. As long as this one can overwhelm Elliot, we won’t have to do it for the rest of our lives. I’m worried.”

In the afternoon, Henry contacted Nathan.

Nathan was beaten a few days ago with a blue nose and a swollen face, and he has been recuperating at home these days. He hated Elliot deeply, but the injury on his body reminded him that Elliot was someone he couldn’t afford to offend.

Before Adrian was in hand, Nathan didn’t take the opportunity well, but now that Adrian was taken away, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

After Henry came over, Nathan looked at him with his nostrils: “Why are you looking for me?”

Henry sat down on the sofa and joked, “Who beat you up like this? Didn’t you say that your son is one of the best in Aryadelle? Or, is it your son who beat you up like this? Except you Son, no one dares to beat you, right?”

Nathan listened to his words and became angry: “What if it was my son who beat you up? It’s none of your business! What did you come to find me for?!”

Henry was beaten by him Rude attitude is on fire.

Judging from Nathan’s appearance, even if he was beaten to death by Elliot, he would not say anything bad about Elliot to the outside world.

“Nathan, I heard something. About you and Elliot…”

“Oh, you know it, right? What if you know it? My son is in Aryadelle, who moved him? You bum, are you here to threaten me? Get out of here!” Nathan got up from the sofa and walked in front of Henry aggressively, with a fierce expression like he wanted to eat people.

Henry was so frightened that he ran to the door immediately.

After Henry fled, Nathan paced up and down the living room.

Henry knows about this but will it be bad for Elliot?

Nathan can ask Elliot to defraud money, but he can’t bear others to ask Elliot to defraud money.

After struggling for a while, he found his mobile phone and dialed Elliot.

Sterling Group.

Elliot frowned when he saw Nathan’s call.

Why is he calling for? Does he want money after spending 10 million?

Elliot didn’t want to answer his phone, and was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to contact him, which would make him mess up. But he picked up.

After picking up the call, Nathan’s voice was rough: “You stinky boy! How can you be so cruel! You want to kill my mouth! Don’t I just take ten million from you? Adrian was taken away by you guys too, where am I getting in your way?!”

Elliot frowned deeply, unable to understand what Nathan was saying.

Elliot: “Nathan, are you f*cking drinking too much?”

“What am I drinking! I’m all hurt, how can I drink?!” Nathan said angrily, intending to tell him what Henry found.

As a result, Elliot hung up!

Elliot called the bodyguard and asked, “You beat Nathan behind my back?”

The bodyguard said, “No. Without your order, how would I dare to do it?”

Elliot whispered, “Nathan called just now and said I was going to kill his mouth. Go and find out what’s going on.”

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