When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1073

Avery felt that Hayden was deliberately refusing to negotiate with her.

The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt, and finally she was really depressed, so she dialed Elliot’s phone.

“Elliot, Hayden has decided to study abroad. Now, he is leaving.”

Elliot’s breathing became heavier: “What can I do?”

Avery said, “You don’t have to do anything. Because you can’t do anything. He has already made his decision. Mike said that Hayden will leave at the latest the day after tomorrow. He doesn’t want to stay in this house for a day.”

Elliot said helplessly, “Since Hayden wants to leave, let him go. Don’t cry Avery. Just let him go and Please, treat him like a child.”

“But I can’t help but treat him like a child. Elliot, I always feel like I’m going to lose Hayden.”

Elliot comforted patiently, “No. He’s your son. You’ll never lose him. He just doesn’t want to face me. He still loves you as always. You can visit him often.”

Listening to his deep voice, her emotions gradually calmed down.

Elliot continued to comfort her, “Avery, it is impossible for everything in life to go smoothly. As long as Hayden is free from illness and disaster, we should be lucky.”

Avery: “Well. I’ll get up early tomorrow and talk to him. Even if he’s leaving, Then I don’t feel sad.”

Elliot: “Then you should rest early.”

Avery: “Well. What are you doing?”

Elliot: “I’m reading a book.”

Avery: “What book?”

Elliot: “It’s about the war.”

Avery: “Don’t read it too late, or you won’t be in good life tomorrow.”

Elliot: “Well. Go to sleep!”

After hanging up the phone, Avery opened her eyes and looked at the dimly lit room. ‘Elliot said that it is impossible for everything to go smoothly in life’, of course she knew it.

Not only was her life unsatisfactory, but she had also experienced adversity for a long time. When she encountered difficulties before, she was not so vulnerable. She had to be brave to hold this family up. Now that she has Elliot, she should believe that all difficulties will be overcome.

The next morning, Avery went to the children’s room to talk to Hayden. She cried last night, so her eyes were swollen today, “Hayden, mom respects all your decisions. mom wanted to tell you that mom will always love you. No matter where you go, mom will miss you always.”

Hayden looked at his mom as his Mom lowered her head, then said, “Mom, I’ll be back in a year.”

Avery: “Well, I’ll visit you often.”

Hayden: “Okay.”

Avery: “Also, your dad won’t interfere with you in anything. He Let me tell you, he felt so sorry and he won’t bother you again until you decide to forgive him.”

Hayden didn’t respond to the question. At least for now, he doesn’t want to face the problem.

A day later, Avery sent Hayden to the airport.

After watching Hayden go through the security check, Avery couldn’t help crying.

“Mom, dad is here.” Layla reminded Avery, pulling Avery’s hand. Avery quickly wiped away her tears and turned around –

Elliot didn’t tell her that she would come to the airport, so she was a little surprised. He strode up in front of her and embraced her in his arms.

“Don’t cry, I’ll take you to a place.” Elliot said hoarsely.

Avery choked and asked, “Where are you going?”

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