When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1077

Mike teased, “Yes! The key is whether the two of you can be sweet or not, it doesn’t matter if I want it or not! Could it be that the two of you quarreled before, did I expect it? But you don’t have to worry about Hayden, He has basically gotten used to it there.”

“Did Hayden whisper to you in private?” Avery asked.

Mike seemed to have heard a funny joke and chuckled: “Does Hayden seem like someone who can whisper to people? He can say a few more words in front of you, and he doesn’t like to talk at all in front of other people. On the first night he went to the new school, the teacher asked me if he was dumb.”

Avery said in astonishment, “Then you said he has adapted?!”

“Yes! I asked his teacher, teacher said that he and his classmates have adapted to him, and promise not to bully him. Isn’t this just adaptation?” Mike laughed.

Avery glared at him: “I shouldn’t have let him go abroad.”

“He has already gone abroad, and it’s too late for you to regret it. Elliot told me that the two of you decided to see him after the wedding, and you should go and take a good look. Look! Make sure Hayden is not only not thin, but also growing.”

“That’s the best way. If he’s not doing well, I’ll take him home.”

Mike looked at her, “Don’t frown. You’re going to be a bride tomorrow. What do you think?”

Avery thought about it for two seconds, then said, “I think the wedding is so troublesome. Since the day before yesterday, Elliot seemed to be a male publicist and he was entertaining the guests every day.”

“I… I heard, Chad said it. Not only did Elliot become a male publicist, but he and Ben Schaffer were also too busy to die. I heard Chad said that his college classmates have come to a lot of beautiful women. Are you panic?”

Avery opened the door and sat in In the car and said to Mike: “Have you never been to his company? There are countless young and beautiful female employees in his company. Every time I go, I feel that their last job in personnel may be related to beauty pageants.”

Mike: “Haha… Haha! I’ll open my eyes next time.”

About an hour later, the two arrived at the resort.

It was just lunch time.

Avery successfully met Elliot’s female classmates. Although these female classmates were all over thirty, they were all well maintained, mature, sexy and elegant.

After Avery greeted everyone, she sat down beside Elliot.

“Avery, we finally meet you in person. You look much prettier than you look in the photo! Elliot’s eyes are really high!” A female classmate flattered.

“Avery definitely didn’t capture Elliot’s heart with her looks! He had never seen Elliot before. Avery must had something special.” The male classmates had different opinions, “Avery, I heard that you’re a doctor, When Elliot married you, he doesn’t need to go to the hospital in the future.”

Avery smiled restrainedly: “I’m not a general practitioner. If he has an Andrology disease, he still has to see a professional doctor!”

“Then where would you look? What’s the matter with you?”

“I’m a Neurosurgeon.”

“Awesome! Although I don’t understand, I think you must be amazing! Otherwise, why would Elliot marry you?”

Avery was not angry. Elliot’s classmates thought that she had surpassed him. After all, in terms of economy, she really couldn’t compare to him.

Elliot said, “I’m with Avery, and there are not so many complicated reasons. It’s because she’s good-looking.”

Avery coughed sharply.

It is no exaggeration to say that every one of his female classmates is very handsome. In front of them, Avery has absolutely no advantage in appearance.

Elliot poured her a glass of water calmly, and then continued to explain the reason for marrying her, “The first time I saw her, I was fascinated by her. She is not only beautiful, but also has a great figure. Besides, her character is also good.”

Avery was stunned by his praise. When she saw the others present, she was also stunned.

Elliot’s ability to talk nonsense with his eyes open is really amazing!

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