When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1084

Elliot answered the phone quickly.

“Elliot, where have you been?” Avery tense heartstrings relaxed a little. She was so nervous just now that she thought she would not be able to get through to him.

“I’m going to receive guests. You stay in the villa, don’t run around.” Elliot said calmly.

“Oh, did Henry look for you?” Avery asked in a low voice.


Henry didn’t look for me, but Henry’s uncle looked for me.

And uncle was looking for me because of Henry’s relationship. His uncle came to the resort yesterday, but now, uncle is outside. His uncle told him that Henry had something to talk with me about, and told me to go out to meet them now.

Henry is willing to negotiate with him privately rather than tearing his face in front of the public.

He didn’t want Avery to worry, so he decided to go see what Henry would ask.

In a restaurant outside the resort, Henry, Cole, and several elders of the Foster family were sitting at the dining table.

When Elliot entered the restaurant, their eyes instantly turned to each other.

“Elliot, today is your big wedding day. I wish you a happy wedding, although you didn’t invite me.” Henry had a fake smile on his face.

Elliot sat down opposite him: “Tell me! What do you want?”

“Don’t look like a wronged victim.” The smirk on Henry’s face disappeared, “Today, I will come to you to get back what belongs to our Foster family’s stuff!”

Seeing his arrogant attitude, Elliot lost the mood to negotiate with him.

What is the Foster family thing?

Is it true that the words ‘Elliot’ also belong to the Foster family?

“Today is your big day, I don’t want to embarrass you too much, but you can’t take advantage of our Foster family!” Henry saw that Elliot’s face was gloomy, so he raised his voice, “I have already done it with Adrian. The DNA test showed that he is indeed my younger brother! So, you are not my brother, and you are not from our Foster family!”

Elliot noticed that the faces of the elders present were very ugly. They learned the truth from Henry this morning and received a strong blow.

They used to have a good relationship with Elliot, but now that they know that Elliot is not from the Foster family, even if they have feelings for him, they can’t continue to stand by him.

“Before you started your business, I won’t count the money my parents spent on you! When you started your business, my mother gave you a large amount of startup money. In order to find out how much this money is. Specially I went to the bank to check, and the amount of money transferred to you by my mother’s bank card alone is as high as 10 million!” Henry was very angry.

Henry continued, “I went to check the registered capital of your company at the beginning of its establishment, and it was only 50 million! It is equal to the money my mother gave you, accounting for one-fifth of your company! The reason why you can make so much money now is because Don’t open our Foster family’s financial support for you!”

Elliot looked at his indignant appearance, listened to his fierce words, and guessed what he wanted to take back. He didn’t expect that Henry’s appetite would be so great!

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