When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1090

They agreed before that even if Henry made everything public, they would continue the wedding normally.

But now Elliot mental state makes her heartache. She wanted to continue the wedding, but didn’t want to force him.

There were so many guests at the scene, although they were all his friends, but it was difficult to guarantee that everyone was not looking at him with the mood of watching a good show.

Her tears dripped down Elliot’s trousers.

Elliot looked at her sad appearance, and his voice was desolate and hoarse, “Don’t cry.”

Hearing his voice, her reason returned to her body.

“I’m not crying. There’s nothing to cry about.” she said, carrying the sink to the bathroom and putting it down, then grabbed a brand-new suit from the closet.

“Now that things have spread, we don’t have to worry anymore.” Avery put the suit down on the bed, and unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

His shirt was not only dirty but wrinkled.

Avery didn’t want to see him in wrinkled clothes.

In the past so many years, Elliot had always been a handsome and noble son. Even now everyone called him a murderer, but in her eyes, he was still the noble and glamorous Elliot.

“Elliot, don’t care what others say, it has nothing to do with us. We will get married and live a happy life…” Having said this, the next words choked.

Avery unbuttoned his shirt and saw him covered in bruises.

The tears she managed to hold back burst again after seeing the injury on his body.

Those savage b*stards, why did they bully Elliot? D*mn them!

“Does it hurt?” Her fingers trembling slightly, landed on his wound.

“Don’t cry. I promised you that no matter what, it won’t affect our wedding.” Her sloppy reason gradually gathered up after meeting her tears.

Just like what she said, Henry has already laid out all his cards.

Nothing will ever be worse than the present.

“Yeah! Elliot, in this life, I don’t want anyone but you. Even if you’re a really heinous villain, I’ll admit it!” Avery looked at his resolute eyes with tears in her eyes, “wait for me here, I will go and get the medicine.”

Avery turned around, wiping away her tears. When she came out of the master bedroom, everyone saw her and stepped forward.

“Avery, how is Elliot? Is he all right?”

“Should the wedding continue? It will be auspicious in half an hour.”

“Avery, you have finally come this far, but don’t be influenced by the outside world. What happened has already passed, as long as Elliot treats you well now is enough.”

Everyone’s comfort fell in Avery’s ears.

Avery nodded: “We’re fine. The wedding will continue. I’ll go and get him medicine.”

“You stay here and don’t move, I’ll get the medicine.” Mike strode out.

Chad chased after him to get medicine.

“This Henry has such big ambitions.” Chad complained to Mike about the news he had inquired, “I heard that he asked my boss for shares in Sterling Group. Do you think he has a big heart?”

Mike said, “Is he good? It’s easy to get hold of Elliot. If you don’t speak up, you will have no chance in the future.”

“The company was founded by my boss and it is my boss’s hard work. Of course my boss won’t let him be slaughtered. If my boss is such a threat, the company has been torn apart a long time ago!”

“Elliot still have a boss? he has killed people. Don’t you think it’s scary?” Mike teased coldly.

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