When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1091

Chad replied: “Avery doesn’t think it’s scary. What’s so scary about me? Do you think Avery has no brains?”

Mike said worriedly, “Even if you think he’s okay, but other people don’t think so. I really I’m worried that their children will be affected. If only Elliot could come forward and explain his motive for the murder.”

Chad said firmly, “My boss won’t explain it. He hates talking to others the most. But I believe that he must have justified reasons for doing such extreme things. For example, self-defense.”

“I know your boss doesn’t bother to explain to others. He doesn’t even explain to Avery, let alone other people? Avery can’t stand his stinky temper. Elliot’s dragging him to death and he’s been taught a lesson today!”

“Are you gloating? If my boss is guilty, the law will punish him. What happened today’s Plan which is completely organized? Those people will be punished and no one can escape!” Chad said angrily.

“It is estimated that this is the first time in Elliot’s life that he has suffered such humiliation. It’s tragic.”

“Shut up your mouth. Elliot is Avery’s husband now. You better bless him in peace, otherwise Avery will cry even more. “

Why do you keep pressing Avery on me?”

“Because only she can hold you down your crow’s mouth!”

After a while, Mike took the medicine box and handed it to Avery.

“Why don’t the wedding be delayed for half an hour? It will be 12 o’clock soon.” Mike glanced at the time and discussed with Avery.

Avery hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “We’ll go when I change his clothes.”

“Well. Also, you have to put on makeup because Your face looks like a crying face.” Mike reminded.

“Got it.” She turned around and entered the room with the medicine box.

Mike came out of the villa and planned to inform the officiant of the wedding that the wedding was postponed.

I ran into a bodyguard and hurried over.

“In a panic, what’s wrong?” Mike asked.

The bodyguard wondered, “A middle-aged man came to the door of the resort, saying it was President Foster’s father, and he had to break in. I asked him to bring out the invitation, but he said no. He insisted that he was President Foster’s father. ……Why don’t you go and see if he is President Foster’s father!”

Mike said: “How do I know who his father is… Chad, Go and see! “

Chad pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “Why don’t I go and inform my boss! Because I don’t know who his biological father is…I haven’t seen him!”

Today, Henry exposed Before all the scandals, Elliot didn’t tell the people around him, except Avery.

“Are you sure you’re going to tell Elliot? Elliot didn’t invite his biological father which means they have a bad relationship.” Mike whispered to Chad, “Why don’t you just shoot people away! So that he won’t get upset.”

Chad thought about it. After checking the feasibility, he nodded.

20 minutes later.

Avery put medicine on Elliot’s wounds. She changed him into a new dress, then held his hand and came out of the villa.

When the two came out of the villa, they suddenly heard a sharp scream from the gate of the resort.

Elliot recognized who the voice came from almost instantly.

It’s Nathan!

His body tensed instantly, and the big palm conditioned reflex released Avery’s hand.

“Elliot…” Avery saw his face ashen, and there was a huge fear in his heart!

There was a strong murderous aura in his eyes!

Avery called his name, but Elliot turned a deaf ear as if he couldn’t hear her voice at all!

Elliot took a step forward and strode towards the gate of the resort!

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