When His Eyes Opened Chapter 355

“It’s fine.” Elliot looked at her pale face. He felt a little pity for her. “Rest well. I’ll visit you tomorrow.”


Coming out of the hospital, Elliot asked the bodyguard, “Where did the dead baby go?”

“Zoe’s father took the baby to the crematorium to be cremated.”

Elliot furrowed his brows. He had wanted a paternity test to be done, but that was impossible now.

The bodyguard continued, “Mr. Sanford was extremely agitated. I wanted to help him, but he thought I wanted to take the child away from him. He began to fight me

I wanted to help him on the way. He thought that I wanted to take the child away from him. He fought me.”

Elliot’s eyes darkened. He got in the car.

The next morning, the family doctor received a call and rushed to Elliot’s mansion.

Elliot had not slept the entire night. His eyes were red. He looked a little terrifying.

“Mr. Foster, I heard that Miss Sanford had a miscarriage,” The doctor tried comforting him,” You and Miss Sanford are still young. There are still plenty of chances in the future.”

“I did not ask you here for this.” Elliot drank some coffee. “The person who operated on Eric Santos was Avery.”

The doctor was stunned. “You mean your ex-wife, Miss Tate?”

“Yes. What do you think about that?”

The doctor adjusted his glasses. “Although I knew that Miss Tate was a pupil of Professor Hough, I still find it hard to believe. After all, brain surgery is no small matter.”

“How can I find out what she is truly capable of?” Elliot asked.

The doctor shook his head. “If you did not see her perform the surgery and she does not say anything, I don’t think you will truly know what she is capable of.”

“Eric said that Professor Hough devised the treatment. If you were given the treatment plan, would you dare perform such a complicated surgery on any of your patients?”

The doctor was stumped by Elliot’s questions. “Mr. Foster, why don’t you ask her?”

Elliot furrowed his brows. “If I could get an answer from her, why would I be talking to you?”

“Oh, if Professor Hough had given me the treatment plan, I would perform the operation, but I can’t guarantee that it would be a success.” The doctor had answered Elliot’s question and then added, “Miss Tate succeeded. It proves that she has outstanding skills. I just don’t know who is better: Miss Tate or Miss Sanford.”

Elliot lowered his gaze. “Even if her skills are great, she would not cure Shea.”

The doctor said, “In my opinion, Miss Sanford has sufficient skills, sò if Miss Tate is unwilling to help you, you can continue seeking help from Miss Sanford.”

Elliot nodded.

“The child. If it has been cremated, can a paternity test still be done?” asked Elliot.

The doctor shook his head. “Were you planning to conduct a paternity test on Miss Sanford’s child? Once the child has been cremated, you won’t be able to get any samples. Naturally, a paternity test will no longer be possible. Are there any other samples that you can get?”

“The incident happened too suddenly. By the time I got to the hospital, her father had already taken the child.”

“Then, there is no other way. However, why do you suspect Miss Sanford?”

“I only did it with her once. I was drunk. Till now, I can’t be sure the woman I had slept with that night was truly her.”

The doctor was dumbfounded. “Theoretically speaking, the chances of getting pregnant after sex once is very low. Even if the woman was ovulating, it might not be successful. Did you not investigate it at that time?”

“I have asked Avery. She said that she had not slept with me.” The reason Elliot brought up the past was because he suspected Avery. “I realized that nothing she had ever told me was the truth.”

The doctor replied, “Miss Tate does not seem like that type of person.”

“She might not be to others, but to me, she’s a liar.”


“If I knew why I wouldn’t be so troubled.” Elliot could not sleep the entire night. What Avery had said to him kept him awake.

Whether it was the truth, or whether it was a lie, he could not tell.

“Have you seen her son?” Elliot swallowed. “The boy looks a little like me. She said that she adopted him. If she hates me so much, why would she adopt a child that looks like me?”

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