When His Eyes Opened Chapter 356

“Mr. Foster, I remember that you had your bodyguard send Miss Tate to the abortion clinic,” the family doctor said.

“Yeah, the bodyguard said that he had sent her into the operation room himself.” Elliot had even gone to check with the bodyguard a while ago. “He said that the doctor had even told him what to take note of after the completion of the surgery.”

“Then the child is probably gone,” the family doctor said. “Perhaps the reason the adopted child looks like you could be her way of honoring her lost child.”

“Is that why Avery hates me so much?” Elliot thought.

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom of Starry River Villa, Mike and the two children stared intently at Avery, who was sleeping on the bed.

Mike had called her at one in the morning, but she had never picked up. He was surprised that she had gone home, but he did not know when she had gone home.

“Are there mosquitoes at home?” Layla asked sweetly.

Mike looked around the room. “No! Did mosquitoes bite you?”

“Mosquitoes bit Mom!” Her eyes were wide when she stared at Avery’s neck. “Look, the mosquitoes left a big mark on Mom!”

Mike’s gaze followed the direction in which Layla was pointing.

“That’s… Based on my experience as an adult, I don’t think mosquitos did that. That mark was left after a certain unspeakable act was committed,” thought Hayden.

“Alright, let her rest.” Mike picked up both-one in each arm- and carried them out of the room.”Let’s go get breakfast, and I’ll take you somewhere to play.”

“I want to stay home and wait for Mom to wake up,” Layla pouted. “It’s been so long since I played with Mom!”

Hayden nodded in agreement.

“Alright, then stay home after breakfast,” Mike yawned. “I might need to work overtime in the office today… But I will go after your mom wakes up.”

“Why didn’t Mom comne home last night?” Hayden asked.

“That was thanks to Elliot!” Mike thought of the red marks on Avery’s neck, and he grew even more certain that she had gone missing because of Elliot. “Zoe had a miscarriage. Do you know what that word means?”

Hayden nodded, and Layla shook her head.

“Zoe was pregnant with Elliot’s child, right? That child passed away last night. Zoe insists that it was your mom who had pushed her, causing her to lose the baby,” explained Mike.

Hayden’s eyes shone coldly as he thought to himself, “That horrible woman, Zoe! How dare she frame my mom! I have to teach her a lesson!”

Layla frowned as she crushed the hamburger in her hands angrily. “My mom wouldn’t do something like that!”

“Of course not! But Zoe insists that it was her, so that dirtbag Elliot went looking for trouble last night.” Mike took a bite of the bread and continued, “I think I should get your mom a bodyguard.”

“Just give our bodyguard to Mom,” Hayden said.

“I’ll just hire a new bodyguard,” Mike said. “The both of you shouldn’t worry about such things. I will handle it!”

“Do it now, Uncle Mike,” Layla said hastily, “I don’t want that dirtbag to bully Mom!”

“Go now!” Hayden agreed.

“Alright, alright!” Mike picked up his glass of milk and stood up from his chair. “I will go now! Stay home and don’t run off anywhere!”

After Mike left, Layla went to Avery’s room with her toys. She fully intended to remain there so that she would be the first thing her mother saw when she woke up.

Hayden returned to the children’s room and booted up his laptop.

He had decided to teach Zoe a lesson.

An hour later, a black luxury car stopped outside the mansion and the doorbell rang. Both Hayden and Layla heard it and ran out.

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