When His Eyes Opened Chapter 361

They had broken up before, but the man had returned to Wanda after she had sold all her overseas properties for four hundred and fifty million.

“Sanford, I heard that Elliot gave your daughter one hundred and fifty-five million dollars, is that right?” Wanda raised her voice on purpose.

Zoe’s father spotted Avery as well and responded proudly, “Yeah! He did, yesterday.” ——-

“Why don’t you tell your daughter to invest with me? I can multiply her one hundred and fifty -five million in folds,” Wanda said with a smile.

“Sure, I will discuss it with her when I get home! She admires you and is very supportive of us being together.”

Wanda looked at Avery, who was walking over, with a smug expression. “I’m back, Avery.” Avery stopped and stared coldly at her. “Good. I would have gone looking for you even if you hadn’t returned.”

“Oh… I came back for you as well. Your mother’s life isn’t compensation enough for the lives of my daughter and brother!” Wanda said and lifted an eyebrow. “You love Elliot, don’t you? I am going to deal with you using the money Elliot gave Zoe.” “Sure!” Avery said casually. “It’s going to be the death of you, or me.”

“I think so as well! I should have removed you when I found out what a nuisance you are!” she said viciously.

“I should have cut you out when I knew how toxic you are,” Avery retorted.

The two grew increasingly agitated, and out of fear that they would start a physical fight, Zoe’ s father dragged Wanda away.

Avery went home and saw the red paint on the grass, so she dragged out the pipe to wash the lawn.

She could not help but think of her mother. When she was still around, her mother had planted plenty of vegetables in the yard and made it look extremely organized; now, the yard looked deserted and empty.

“I won’t let Wanda live! I have to avenge my mother!”

The next day, she woke up early to visit the flower market. After bringing home plenty of new plants to decorate the yard, she called Tammy and Wesley and invited them over for a barbeque.

“Can I bring my plus one?” Tammy asked with a smile.

“Sure! Take Jun with you!” Avery said.

“Haha, I am only bringing Jun over to drink with Mike, seeing as Wesley can’t drink,” Tammy explained.

“Don’t you think Mike would call Chad for that?”

Shocked, Tammy asked, “How far along are they in their relationship?”

“I suppose they are now emotionally in sync after that one-night stand!”

With that piece of information, Tammy hung up and hurried over to Starry River Villa. She was never one to miss out on good gossip.

That evening, Wesley and Chad arrived and the barbeque started.

Tammy called Jun and told him to hurry over.

Half an hour later, a black luxury car stopped outside the mansion, and Jun stepped out of the car.

Tammy exclaimed, “Damn! Isn’t that Elliot’s car?!” Just then, Elliot’s towering figure appeared before everyone’s eyes.

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