When His Eyes Opened Chapter 371

Elliot might as well just be blunt and say that he only wanted Avery to bear his children and that he did not care if his children with any other woman died, because he did not want them to begin with

“So you want Avery to bear your child, then?” Ben teased.


Ben gasped and almost dropped his cup. “You really want her to bear your child?!”

“Zoe asked that I avenge our child’s death.”

“So you are trying to get Avery pregnant with your child as revenge?” Ben was amused. “Zoe is probably going to cry so much that she passes out if she learns that this is your way of taking revenge.”

“How I take my revenge is up to me.”

“Is Avery willing to do it?” Ben instinctively knew that there was more to the story.

Avery already had two children, and even if Hayden was adopted, Ben could tell that she saw Hayden as her own from the way she treated him. It was only natural that she was unwilling to give birth to any more children.

“She isn’t.” Elliot scowled. “She hates me now.”

“Of course, she is going to hate you if you are forcing her to have your baby!”

Ben was surprised by Elliot’s radical actions. Although Elliot had never been a gentleman, Elliot was not a barbarian. Ben was certain that Avery did not mean for Zoe to lose his baby, so why would Elliot try and get Avery pregnant with his child as a form of revenge?

It only made sense if Elliot was trying to keep Avery to himself.

“She has a scar across her abdomen,” Elliot said in a hoarse voice, “That scar is a reminder that she has had a child with another man. Even if he had not touched her, she had still gotten pregnant with another man’s child. I can’t stay calm whenever I think of it.”

It formed a huge part of the reason why he wanted Avery to bear his child. The smaller part of why he wanted her to bear his child was dedicated to revenge. He wanted the child now even though he had never thought of raising a child before.

“Elliot, if you want her and only her to bear your child, it means that you still love her.” Ben studied the miserable expression on Elliot’s face and ordered a bottle of wine.

“Is this love?” Elliot mumbled dazedly, “But she doesn’t want me.” “I heard that a woman falls deeply in love with a man when she is pregnant with his child, so

maybe you aren’t wrong in wanting her to bear your child,” Ben said.

Elliot’s eyes gleamed. It did not matter if it was right or wrong when he had already done it.

A week later, Tammy dragged Avery along with her to shop for wedding dresses.

“Avery, have you ever been in a wedding dress before?” Tammy was excited over trying on wedding dresses.

Avery shook her head. “I have put on gowns that resemble wedding dresses before.”

“Wedding dresses are different from ordinary gowns. Why don’t you try one on today? You have such a perfect figure and fair skin, you are definitely going to look beautiful in a wedding dress!” Tammy said as she picked out a white wedding dress from the shop. “What do you think of this one, Avery? It looks quite similar to the one I had custom-made!”

Avery flushed at the sight of the wedding dress. She did not have a boyfriend, nor did she plan on getting married, so there was no point for her to try on a wedding dress.

“You go on ahead, Tammy! I don’t want to,” she refused while blushing.

“I will wear the one I ordered and you can wear this! We would have matching dresses!” said Tammy, ignoring Avery’s protests. She told the staff to take down the dress and dragged Avery into the dressing room.

“Tammy, are going to select a man for me too so that we might get married together?” Avery said sarcastically.

“I would love that, but there’s no man worthy enough for you!”

Avery could not help but chuckle.

An hour later, Tammy had posted a compilation of nine photos on her social media account. The photos were of her in a wedding dress, and there were also some photos of Avery in her dress.

Within five minutes, someone had shared Avery’s photo with Elliot.

He zoomed in on her face and scowled. “Why is she wearing a wedding dress? Does she want to get married?” he thought.

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