When His Eyes Opened Chapter 373

Tammy and Avery were seated next to the window. They had a good view.

“Mom!” Layla ran toward Avery while holding her brother’s hand.

Avery lifted them up and sat them down on the couch. “Did you have fun in kindergarten today?”

Layla shook her head. “Mom, the teacher says we need to poke our fingers next week… I’m scared…”

“It’s a blood test. They are going to check our blood sugar levels,” said Hayden.

Realizing what her daughter meant, Avery immediately comforted her and said, “Don’t be scared, baby. It will just be a pinch.”

Layla’s attention was instantly drawn toward the cake on the table.

“Mom, whose birthday is it today, Aunt Tammy?”

Tammy shook her head with a smile. “We are having an early celebration for you and your brother’s birthday! Surprised?” She then took out two beautifully wrapped gifts and handed them to the children.

“I am!” Layla accepted the gift excitedly and said, “Thank you, Aunt Tammy! I love you so much!”

“I love you too!” Tammy patted Layla on the head.

Avery signaled Hayden to accept the gift, so he did with a blush on his face and said, “Thank


“You’re welcome! Open them up! I’ll get it changed if you don’t like it!” Tammy told them how to open the box. “Just pull the ribbon, and it will pop open.”

Soon, the children had unwrapped their gifts. Tammy had gotten Layla a beautiful delicate doll that was made in Layla’s image.

“Wow, I like it so much! Isn’t this me?” Layla lifted the model up and planted a kiss on it.

Hayden’s gift was the same as Layla’s. He looked at the handsome doll; he could not say he liked it, but he did not hate it.

The waiter came with the food, and once everything was out of the kitchen, Avery put on birthday hats for the children.

“Let’s just have a simple celebration this year. I will arrange a birthday party for you in the future when I have the chance,” Avery promised.

“Mom, as long as you are with us, we don’t care if there’s a party!” Layla said sweetly. “It’s a shame that Grandma isn’t around anymore. She said that she was going to make Hayden and I a chocolate cake before she passed away.”

The smile on Avery’s face froze.

Tammy immediately changed the subject. “Do you want some cake, Layla? Let’s cut it!”

“We need to make a wish first, Aunt Tammy.” Layla picked up the candles and said, “We need to put the candles on and sing a birthday song!”

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the restaurant, a tall figure stood still.

The man’s dark, brooding eyes locked onto Avery’s familiar face, before moving to look at Hayden and Layla.

Elliot saw the birthday hats on their heads and thought to himself, “Today’s their birthday?”

“Mr. Foster, this way,” the person behind him said respectfully.

Elliot ignored him and walked directly toward Avery. Confused, the others could only follow him without knowing what was happening.

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