When His Eyes Opened Chapter 376

The nurse walked over to the car and handed a blood sample to Rosalie.

“It went smoothly?” Rosalie accepted the vial of blood in joy.

The nurse nodded. “His sister was afraid of the pain, so he did the blood test to set an example for his sister. The siblings are really close.”

Rosalie was only interested in Hayden. Layla did not look like Elliot at all, and she had heard that Layla was the child Avery had had with another man.

Even if Hayden was Elliot’s son, Rosalie did not intend on accepting Avery. How would people view Elliot if they were to accept Avery, a woman who had given birth to another man’s child?

She placed the vial away carefully and shut the car door.

The car headed toward the medical center that performed the DNA test. Once they arrived, Rosalie handed the blood samples of Elliot and Hayden to the staff.

“How long until the results are out?”

“Usually three working days. We will inform you as soon as the results are out,” said a member of the staff.

Rosalie could barely contain her excitement but nodded regardless.

Meanwhile, in Tate Industries, it was time for the weekly meeting.

“President Tate, Wanda Tate is making quite some noise on her end!” said the vice-president. “She has acquired three companies in a single swoop. She also has started the restructuring process, but the scariest thing is that she has already gained fifteen hundred million dollars. The investors seem rather confident in her ability.”

“A friend of mine started working there, and according to him, Wanda Tate is wildly ambitious. She intends to become the leading drone manufacturer in the field. She plans on opening up the market by selling her drones at lower prices, and then she will move into luxury items once she established a client base. Finally, she will push our company out of the industry,” said another manager.

Mike smirked in contempt. “Let her try, then! Let’s see if she really can bring us down!”

“President Tate, what do you think? Should we do something?” The vice-president looked at Avery and said, “I’m confident with our products, but we also need to plan ahead and take precautions.”

Avery nodded. “Let’s wait for their next move for now… If they really do lower their prices, then we know that they will throw more money into marketing. This might help her quickly secure her clientele, but how will she profit from it. One wrong move and it’s game over.”

Mike nodded. “One could say that if they were to take too large a step, they would rip their


Everyone burst out laughing.

Avery took a sip of coffee and asked, “Did she really manage to gather fifteen hundred million?

“That is what she said at the meeting. Even if that’s not entirely true, I think that she has to at least have one hundred million to say that.”

Avery nodded and asked, “Are our drones too expensive?”

“Not really. With reference to our drones’ quality, it is a reasonable price. However, despite the growing population in Aryadelle, most people only earn a few thousand each month, so naturally, it would be considered expensive for them to buy a drone that costs them thousands.

Avery set her coffee down and looked at the others. “Let us stick to our plan. They can’t bring us down unless they manage to develop a better Al system than ours. Let’s not fret for now and focus on our products.”

“We feel so assured that you say that!”

It was still shocking that Wanda managed to gather fifteen hundred million in such a short period of time.

After the meeting had ended, the vice-president walked over to Avery and whispered,” President Tate, I heard that Elliot Foster has also invested in Wanda’s company. I assume it’s quite a lot of money, otherwise, Wanda wouldn’t have managed to gather fifteen hundred million so quickly.”

Avery desperately wanted to pretend that she did not care, but she could not help the frown on her face.

“If Elliot Foster is truly the one supporting Wanda, then it’s certain that her company would succeed. The only question remaining is to what extent would it succeed.” The vice-president was slightly pessimistic. “President Tate, weren’t you in a relationship with Elliot Foster? How could he do that?”

Avery’s eyes darted away briefly. “We no longer have any feelings for one another at this point. It’s understandable that he invests in Wanda’s business because he sees value in it.”

“I just don’t think it’s necessary for him to do that when he is already that rich. Each penny he gives Wanda is a knife thrown at you!”

Avery cringed, “He wouldn’t have gotten to where he is today if he is someone who feels content with how much he already has. Besides, even if he doesn’t invest in Wanda, someone else would. All we need to do is face it, so don’t panic,” she said, her voice monotonous.

Once she was out of the meeting room, Avery strode back to her office.

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