When His Eyes Opened Chapter 388

The black Rolls-Roice did not stop till they were out of the city. The cars on the road were few. Avery sat in the backseat, closing her eyes.

After a long time, the car finally stopped. She opened her eyes and looked outside. She only saw a dense forest. It was foreign to her.

She was confused. Where was she? Why did Elliot bring her there?

“Where is this?” She looked up and asked Elliot.

“One of my holiday villas.” He pushed the car door open and got down.

Holiday villa? Elliot had definitely not brought her here for a holiday.

Avery got down and followed him. They walked toward the mansion.

The mansion was in a classic gothic-styled building. The ash green building in the middle of the forest was eerie. Avery felt as if she was not walking into a holiday villa but a prison.

She turned around and saw Elliot’s bodyguard following closely behind. At that moment, she was truly a sitting duck.

After entering the mansion, the open area made her furrow her brows. The decor was dark and oppressive!

“Avery, when did you and my mother start contacting each other?” Elliot’s low voice echoed in the stillness.

The doors of the mansion slowly closed shut! Avery looked at the shut doors. “If I don’t answer your question, does that mean I won’t be able to leave this place?” she asked, slightly confused.

“Yes, if you want to leave this place, you have to answer my questions honestly!” His cold voice reverberated through the vast mansion.

“I’ve already said that I have nothing to say! No matter where you bring me, it will always be this answer!” Avery raised her voice. “Elliot, stop wasting your time on me!”

Looking at how agitated she was, his eyes darkened a little.

“Did you talk about me with my mother?” Elliot speculated. “I can’t think of anything else that you two could talk about.”

“It is not important!” Despair shone in her eyes, and her voice was thick with desperation.” Why are you harping on an unimportant issue! Your mother died at home, not in my office! What problems can you solve by bringing me here!”

“You said it well.” Elliot looked at her and egged her on, “Since it’s unimportant, why don’t you just tell me? Is it because I’m less important than this problem, or do you think you can just constantly ignore my feelings!”

Avery was speechless.

“The person who died is my mother! Not some random stray on the streets!” Elliot choked.” Why can’t I know what my mom said before she died? Why can’t I know!”.

Avery looked at Elliot’s wet eyes. She realized that he was losing it. She suddenly remembered how she had behaved when her mother had passed- the overwhelming helplessness and grief! It was like a huge black hole, swallowing away her sensibility!

Only then did she realize that he was not angry because of the call, but because he had just lost his mother.

If she were in his shoes, she would also cling to the phone call with all her might.

“Elliot. I’m sorry.” Avery’s voice was hoarse. She lowered her gaze. “I can’t answer your question, not because you’re not important, and it’s not because I want to ignore your feelings. I know that you’re in pain, but I can’t tell —.”

Elliot heard the sound of his heart crushing into pieces.

At that moment, one of the bodyguards walked over and said to him, “Mr. Foster, hand this woman to me! I’ll make her talk!”

Of course, Elliot knew what he meant. There are two ways of making a person talk. The first is to lure and seduce, the other was torture.

The first method was clearly useless on Avery, so they could only use the second method. Elliot could never bear to hurt her.

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