When His Eyes Opened Chapter 395

When the bodyguard saw her coming down, they immediately reported it to Elliot.

Elliot got up from the sofa and looked at the staircase.

Avery was wearing his robe. It was touching the floor. The sleeves were a little long too.

She looked like a child wearing adult clothes wrapped in the huge robe.

He furrowed his brows. Should she not be on a drip at that moment? Why was she downstairs?

“Elliot, you have hidden a woman here!” Someone chuckled and teased when they saw Avery.

“He is a man! It would be weird if he didn’t have ladies! Haha!”

“Which family is this heiress from? Or is she someone you found just to have fun with?”

Elliot ignored everybody’s questions because Avery was walking toward them.

Did she not want to die? Why would she be willing to come down to meet his friends? What was she trying to do?

He strode over to her and blocked her path. He looked at her with dark stormy eyes. “Did you pull the needle out again!”

She stretched her hands out and pushed against his chest a little. “You invited friends over, can ‘t I join in?”

Join in? Hehe! Since she wanted to join in, he would let her do so!

He turned aside. Avery’s gaze naturally landed on the barbecue rack!

Her gaze turned cold. Her feet turned to jelly. She suddenly shuddered and retreated a few steps!

Their dinner that night was the python that had scared her out of her mind and made her run into the wall!

She could still remember how intimidating and alive it was when it opened its jaws. She never expected them to kill it, clean it, and serve it up as barbeque!

Looking at her terrified face, Elliot grabbed her by the wrist and led her to the sofa.

“Since you’re already here, then have a taste!” Elliot’s voice was low and hoarse with a hint of charm in it. It was as if he was talking about normal food.

Avery’s heart was beating wildly! Why did he kill the python? She did not dare to think much of it.

She was like a puppet under his control. He placed her on the sofa.

“Isn’t she Avery Tate of Tate Industries?” Someone had recognized her.

“Oh, I have heard of her before.”

“You two are amazing! I have never heard anything about you two!”

“Haha! I only started noticing her company because I heard she was young and pretty.”

Avery lowered her gaze and picked up a glass of wine.

Elliot grabbed her hand and stopped her. She had been on a drip to lower her fever. She could not consume any alcohol that day as the fluid used for the drip contained fever-reducing and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Taking away the glass of wine, Elliot signaled for the bodyguards to give her water instead.

“Just drink your own wine, don’t bother me,” Avery said, depressed. She got up from her seat next to him and sat opposite him.

Elliot furrowed his brows. He saw Avery sitting down next to a complete stranger. She would rather sit with someone she did not know than with him!

“Elliot! Don’t worry! I won’t bully your little beauty! Hahaha!”

Elliot’s expressions darkened. He raised his glass and downed it in one go.

An hour later, the python was ready. Everyone started feasting.

Elliot headed to the washroom.

Avery looked at his back, picked up the glass of water, and took a sip.

A moment later, Elliot returned to the main hall from the washroom.

“Where’s Avery?” He asked and squinted, looking at the empty place on the sofa.

“She said she went to the washroom. Come, let’s continue drinking!” His friend replied and picked up the wine bottle, pouring Elliot more wine.

At two in the morning, Elliot went upstairs with the help of the bodyguard.

He walked over to Avery’s room and pushed the door open.

The room was empty! No one was there! Where did Avery go?!

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