When His Eyes Opened Chapter 401

Elliot gritted his teeth and gazed coldly at her.

He placed the bowl of oatmeal down and helped her up. Then he arranged two pillows behind her for her to lean against.

He placed the bowl back into her hands.

Avery accepted the oatmeal, but, as she was about to pick the spoon up, her left hand that was holding the bowl suddenly fell limp and powerless. Her hands shook, tipping the bowl onto the covers.

Everything spilled.

Avery looked at the spilled oatmeal in shock. She pursed her lips.

Elliot’s heart broke at the sight. She had not done it on purpose. He knew that she had not done it on purpose. Avery truly wanted to eat on her own, but she lacked the strength needed to even hold a bowl.

Before Avery’s tears could fall, Elliot bundled the dirty covers away

“Avery, you will get better. Don’t cry!” He had intended to comfort her, but what came out sounded more like a stern lecture.

He took a deep breath, wanting to explain, but Avery had already laid back down with her back turned toward him.

Elliot did not hear Avery crying, but he knew that she was.

He took a fresh duvet from the closet and covered her with it.

“I’ll get the nanny to cook another bowl for you,” Elliot said in a low, depressive tone. He sat by the side of the bed, gazing at the back of her head.

Avery shut her eyes and said nothing. She suddenly felt extremely dizzy. It was probably due to the loss of blood.

Once she fell asleep, Elliot exited the room.

He had not slept last night, and now his head hurt terribly.

He entered his room and caught up on some sleep.

About an hour after Elliot fell asleep, the back of the hill suddenly caught fire.

All of the bodyguards in the mansion rushed to put out the fire.

Hayden, wearing a backpack, appeared in front of the mansion.

He had hidden in the trunk of Elliot’s car.

The bodyguards and servants had gone to put out the fire. The mansion was completely empty, with not a single person to be seen.

Looking out from the spacious main hall, Hayden could not find a guest room or the main bedroom. He could only see the kitchen and the servants’ bedrooms.

Having taken note of the ground floor’s layout, Hayden climbed upstairs.

He found Avery in the second bedroom he checked. When he saw her, he quickly ran over to her.

“Mommy!” At first, Hayden had wanted to yell, but, as he approached the bed, he noticed that Avery was sleeping and opted for a softer cry instead.

Avery was weak and in deep sleep, so she did not hear him.

Hayden stood by the side of the bed. He studied her.

He decided to wait for her to wake up in her own time, even though that could mean being discovered

He did not know what Elliot would do when he found out that he was there, but Hayden was never going to be apart from his mommy anymore.

As long as he was with her, he was not afraid of anything.

The commotion at the back of the hill woke Elliot up. When he woke, he immediately went to check on Avery.

He pushed open her room door.

Inside the room, Hayden heard the sound of the doorknob turning. He looked toward it. Instantly, the father and son’s eyes met.

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