When His Eyes Opened Chapter 402

When Elliot saw Hayden, he thought he had somehow entered the wrong room.

Why was Hayden here? How did he get here?

Elliot realized that this kid would always surprise him.

Of course, in this case, the surprise was not a delightful one.

“Why is my Mommy injured?” Hayden stood by the side of the bed, his eyes cold as he questioned his father.

Hayden had seen that Avery’s forehead was wrapped in bandages. She must have been injured, which was why it had been bandaged.

Also, when he had called out to her, Avery had not reacted. He suspected that she might not be sleeping, but, instead, had passed out.

However, he had no choice but to wait for answers. He could not carry her away, nor could he

treat her.

Elliot ignored Hayden’s question. He looked at the small child condescendingly. “How did you come here? Who else came with you?”

“I’m alone!” Hayden was not afraid. The resentment in his eyes gradually grew. “You hurt my Mommy! I will never forgive you!”

Elliot snickered at Hayden’s threats. “What are you planning to do? Don’t think that your little tricks will work on me every time! Hayden, if your last name hadn’t been Tate, how long do you suppose I’d let you get away with this?”

Hayden had on a disgusted expression. “I don’t even want to see you! You’re the one who always comes looking for trouble with us!”

“I’m looking for trouble? Your mother and I knew each other long before you were born! Our matters have nothing to do with you!” Elliot looked at the contempt on Hayden’s face. His mood took a turn for the worse.

“You cold-blooded, evil person! My mother’s matters are my matters!”

“Cold – blooded?” Elliot yelled, “You don’t know anything, you stupid brat! Say that again, I dare you!”

Hayden was incensed. The fear in him had vanished. “I might not know anything, but I know that you are a cold-blooded, evil jerk! You’re not only cold blooded, you’re sick too!”

A vein in Elliot’s forehead popped. His gaze turned frigid. He swallowed before hissing, “What did you say?”

“Didn’t you say that I don’t know anything?” Hayden looked smug. “You think that because you’re sick! You’re not a normal person! That’s why you keep bullying my Mommy! My Mommy will never like you! Layla and I will never like you! No one likes you!”

The year before, when Layla had found herself in Elliot’s study, she had returned home with a dark red box. In it had been a diagnosis report.

It had been Elliot’s diagnosis report.

Hayden had not understood the words on it, but, as he had been curious about the contents, he searched the Internet for the definition of every word. In the end, he understood.

The medical diagnosis stated that Elliot has a mental condition!

The laws in Aryadelle state that if a patient with a mental condition kills someone, it is not considered a crime.

Hayden had wanted to investigate Elliot’s background a little deeper, but he had found nothing on the internet.

So this was the one secret of Elliot’s that Hayden knew.

If Elliot had not hurt his Mommy, Hayden would have helped him keep this secret, but Elliot kept bullying his Mommy time after time. Hayden could no longer take it!

Even if Elliot was sick, that was no reason to bully Avery.

Elliot’s expressions darkened terribly. It was as if a scar on his body had been forcibly ripped open, exposing a gross and bloody wound.

Hayden was only a four-year-old child. If no one had taught him to, how could he say such words with such determination?

Had Mike taught him that? Or had it been Avery?

Elliot’s mind unavoidably returned to his dark past. His body tensed.

Elliot slowly lost his sensibilities. Looking at Hayden’s proud glare stirred the evil thoughts that had been buried deep inside his mind.

He grabbed Hayden’s frail neck in his two large hands.

Hayden struggled in pain.

On the bed, Avery was having a nightmare. Sweating profusely, she j*rked awake. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Hayden’s body being lifted in the air.

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